The Dreaded Day of Judgment: Is God going to humiliate us in Heaven?


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Humans are spiritual beings who are temporarily cruising around in physical bodies which we call earthsuits.  When humans die, their souls will leave their earthsuits like an astronaut stepping out of his spacesuit, and only their souls will go on to eternity.

Now when we talk about things like gender and ethnicity, we’re talking about earthsuit qualities.  Human souls do not have gender, a sex drive, or DNA.  Once you understand the difference between souls and earthsuits, you can hear how utterly absurd it is for anyone to suggest that God loves certain people more than others based on qualities about their earthsuits.  Continue reading

Why We Shouldn’t Mourn for the Dead


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As a Christian, there’s no way to feel sorry for the dead without simultaneously insulting God. Since we don’t want to be insulting God, there’s no room for mourning those who have died.  Mourning for our own loss and for the loss of others certainly has its place, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  In this post, we’re talking about mourning for the souls who have actually died.  Let’s now discuss the wrong beliefs and backwards priorities that fuel this most inappropriate attitude. Continue reading

Understanding God’s Justice: Inequality in Hell


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In eternity, humans will be judged by how their souls responded to God in this world. All believers are not equal. There are those who seek God wholeheartedly, such as David, Job, and permanently surrendered Christians today. And there are those who submit to God enough for Him to accept them into Heaven, but not enough to fully please Him. There will definitely be ranks and differing degrees of rewards in Heaven. But what about in Hell?

God’s judgment system will be the same for every soul. More will be expected from those who received more, and those who received more will be punished more severely for squandering what they had than those who received less. But to properly understand the ranks of Hell, we must keep a firm grip on the fact that external sins have nothing to do with who will suffer the most. As much as some people would like to believe that murderers and molesters will roast in hotter flames than liars and cheaters, this is simply not true. God will not judge us by our external actions, but by our soul’s response to Him. Whenever you find verses which make it sound like people are going to Hell based on their actions, you need to realize that spiritual rebellion is being assumed in all of these cases. No one is going to end up in Hell just because they were a pervert or because they killed someone. God is quite willing to forgive every sin we commit IF we are willing to reverentially submit to Hm. It is the refusal to submit to God’s Authority on HIS terms that lands us in Hell. Under the current Covenant, God’s terms are that we reverentially submit to all three of our Creators: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We must also recognize that Jesus atoned for our sins on the cross and agree that He is our only hope of being accepted by Yahweh. Jesus said “No one comes to the Father (Yahweh) except through Me.” If we reject this statement by deciding that we can find other creative ways of getting right with God without dealing with Jesus, then we’ll end up in Hell. Continue reading