The End Time Prophet: Testing Our Loyalties


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Put yourself in ancient Egypt when Yahweh was spanking the place with those ten epic plagues, only then pretend that you are a dedicated atheist.  Who are you going to blame for the horrible things that are happening to your homeland?  You’re going to blame Moses and Aaron, of course.  After all, you saw Aaron raise his staff and hit the Nile River just before all the water turned into blood. So clearly Aaron is to blame.  But then again, even a hardcore atheist will have trouble accepting that a normal human can alter the properties of water just by slapping a river with a stick.  So clearly Aaron is getting help from someone—but who?  Remember, you don’t believe in God, and you don’t believe in magic.  But now Aaron is raising his staff into the air again and millions of frogs are hopping out of every river and stream in Egypt.  Well, maybe it’s the stick that has the power.  Yes, it must be the stick because when Aaron hit the ground with it, all of the dust turned into gnats.  But wait—now Moses is throwing a handful of ash into the air and everyone’s breaking out in boils.  So it’s not just the stick.  There’s obviously some kind of supernatural power at work, but you refuse to acknowledge the existence of God, so what’s left?  It must be creatures from another planet—some alien species who have powers that we humans don’t yet understand.  Yes, the alien theory is satisfying, and now you can focus your efforts on detecting these extraterrestrial invaders and destroying them before they can destroy you. Continue reading

Preparing for the End Times: Interacting with God’s Prophet


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Today the internet is loaded with spiritual rebels who are pumping out their misguided delusions about what the end times will be like. If you follow the example of these morons and treat the subject of the end times like some fun drama that’s good for getting your adrenal glands pumping, you’re going to go into this period totally unprepared. When we are unprepared, we make wrong choices. When we make wrong choices, we get in trouble with God. Preparing for the end times is not a game. We don’t put out material on this subject for your entertainment, we put it out because the Holy Spirit has graciously decided to give you a little upfront time to prepare. If you saw what was coming, you’d realize how precious this opportunity is. Drop an untrained civilian down in the middle of a battlefield and he’s going to go into an all-out panic the moment he hears live bullets whizzing past him. But take a soldier who has been properly trained by superior officers who sincerely want him to succeed, and you’re going to see an entirely different reaction. The first man crumbles. The second man stands strong. Continue reading

Preparing for the End Times: The Law vs. God’s Prophet


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Let’s reenact the story of the ten plagues, only this time, let’s use the setting of modern day America. Along comes Moses wearing jeans and a t-shirt, shouting into news cameras that God is fed up with this nation’s incessant rebellion. It’s time for Him to flex His Divine muscles and remind us all of who is King. As Moses is shouting at the top of his lungs in the middle of some bustling metropolis, drops of blood start raining down from the sky. Uh-oh. Continue reading