God or Country: Choosing Your End Time Priorities

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Suppose you are hiding out in a two story house that is surrounded by large, hostile beasts.  The beasts keep charging at the walls of the house: ramming, clawing, and biting in an effort to tear their way inside.  If they succeed, you are going to find yourself in a major crisis.  Sure, you have some ammunition with you, but it won’t be enough if those beasts manage to break in and take over the house.  Your best hope of survival is to try and kill them off now, before they can get inside.  As long as the walls of your house remain intact, you can try to pick the beasts off one by one as you lean out of an upstairs window. Continue reading

Doctors in the End Times: Dealing with Plagues


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Realizing that a Supernatural Being has the power to seriously harm us is what motivates humans to start paying attention to that Being and consider seriously submitting to Him.  As the Creator and Controller of all that exists, God is quite capable of harming us.  But if you look around in the world today, do you see a bunch of humans expressing sincere respect for God?  No, you see a bunch of humans scoffing at the whole notion of God, mocking His Person, and trying to provoke Him into warring with them.  God’s purpose in terrifying humans during the end times will be to motivate them to improve their spiritual response to Him.  God always has a spiritual agenda behind what He does with us. Continue reading

Thriving in the End Times: Guidance for Doctors


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The end times are at the door. How many times have you heard that tired song, right? It’s rather like the Jews expecting the Messiah to show up any minute for centuries only to reject Him when He actually arrived. But why did the Jews reject Jesus? Because He didn’t fit their expectations. It will be the same with the Church and the end times. She’s been filling your head with horror stories for decades. She’s been getting rich off of selling fear about some bad rehash of Revelation being played out in this world. She’s got everyone on pins waiting for the antichrist or the beast or both. Well, the real end times aren’t going to play out at all like the Church is expecting, and because of that, she’s going to deny what’s happening, just as the Jews denied that Yahweh’s Messiah had actually arrived. Continue reading

Preparing for the End Times: The Law vs. God’s Prophet


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Let’s reenact the story of the ten plagues, only this time, let’s use the setting of modern day America. Along comes Moses wearing jeans and a t-shirt, shouting into news cameras that God is fed up with this nation’s incessant rebellion. It’s time for Him to flex His Divine muscles and remind us all of who is King. As Moses is shouting at the top of his lungs in the middle of some bustling metropolis, drops of blood start raining down from the sky. Uh-oh. Continue reading

Emergency Responders & the End Times: The Lines of Responsibility


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I should have tried harder. It’s all my fault. I could have saved her.

Guilt is a very powerful and destructive emotion which can get us stalled in our spiritual growth. When we’re surrounded by fear, desperation, and suffering, the potential for guilt skyrockets. Why is this? Because if we are listening to God, we understand that human life is the most precious element of this Creation. When human life is in peril, humans usually respond in one of three ways. They run, they freeze, or they try to help. Those whose natural instinct is to rush in and help often find themselves drawn to professions which revolve around saving lives. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, nurses, doctors, and soldiers—these people are going to be in high demand when the Holy Spirit begins His end time destruction. Everyone will be expecting these people to do the impossible. Sleep? Eat? Sit down for five seconds? These things become unacceptable behaviors for first responders and emergency relief workers. It isn’t fair, but it’s the way it is, and if you’re a Christian working in one of these fields, realize that God has quite a busy schedule planned for you. People are going to be looking to you for answers that you don’t have and blaming you for problems that you couldn’t fix. How do you protect yourself from the guilt that naturally comes when your efforts to save keep failing and people keep accusing you of falling short? Here is where we need to talk about the lines of responsibility. Continue reading