End Time Scam: Contacting the Dead

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One very difficult aspect of living in the end times will be uncertainty about whether someone you love is dead or alive.  The methods of killing that we’re used to God using—things like diseases, shootings, and vehicle collisions—make keeping track of the dead pretty doable.  Certainly there are times when we simply lose track of someone, but those occasions are the exception, not the rule.  But as the end times progress, the number of missing people will begin to rise at an alarming rate.  There will be three main factors contributing to this problem: missing bodies, unidentifiable bodies, and inaccessible bodies.  Continue reading

Dealing with the Death of Christians in the End Times


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The Church is teaching you to view the end times as an epic battle of demons and the world versus Christians.  If you believe this, then you’re going to interpret the death of Christians as “evil” gaining ground, and you’ll end up praying some pretty useless prayers. Rather than join the Church in her imbecilic exaltation of created beings, you need to get serious about seeking the wisdom of God regarding the end times. The clock is running down, and soon we’re all going to have a real mess on our hands. If you go into this period theologically unprepared, you’re going to waste a whole lot of time praying stupid prayers and freaking out over things that aren’t even happening.  Continue reading

Preparing for the End Times: Releasing Our Loved Ones


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During the end times, we are going to witness the Holy Spirit striking the world with devastating miracles. His pattern of attack will be impossible to predict. His targets will constantly vary, and His methods of destruction will range from the familiar and logical to the physically impossible. Fires, diseases, earthquakes, storms—these are things we’re used to hearing about. Turning live people into inanimate statues, turning buildings into dust, evaporating entire cities into nothingness—these things defy the laws of physics. With devastation of such magnitude happening all around us, the loss of human life is going to be staggering. When a city is losing whole blocks at a time, a thorough examination of rubble becomes impossible, and that results in a lot of uncertainty about who is dead and who is alive. If your wife goes missing and you know she was shopping in the general vicinity of stores which are now engulfed in flames, you’ll have no way of knowing if she is dead or alive. When hospitals and emergency shelters are overrun with panicking people, trying to keep track of names is going to become impossible to do. We make our soldiers wear dog tags for quick identification because we know we are putting them in life threatening situations. But regular citizens don’t go around with some durable metal tag that clearly states their name and date of birth. Most women carry their ID in purses which they can be easily separated from. Children have no identification on them. The whole situation is going to be a royal mess. Continue reading