End Time Wars: The Church vs. The Prophet

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On our main website, you’ll find a title banner that reads: “The Pursuit of God: Serious Topics for Serious Christians.”  And yet in this article about the end times, we are going to say some very harsh things about the Christian religion and warn you to be very wary about trusting Christian interpretations of end time events.  So what’s with the apparent hypocrisy?  If we claim to be Christians ourselves—which we do—then why are we so adamantly opposed to so much of what the Christian Church teaches?  Well, why are sincere followers of Islam so opposed to ISIS terrorists?  After all, the boys in black hoodies are claiming to be showing the world what real devotion to Allah looks like as they go around torturing, maiming and assaulting other humans.  Is it really true that the fictitious Allah is the sort of fellow who is all for guys with big guns tearing land and resources away from others just to feed their personal lust for power and glory?  No, it’s really not.  Even though Allah is as fictitious as America’s Santa Claus, Allah is a very specific sort of character who would never sign off on what the ISIS boys are doing.  You see, even fictional characters have limits.  America’s Santa Claus is a jolly fellow who is all about making children smile and doling out presents.  Sure, you can claim that Santa Claus told you to rape a bunch of women, strap bombs to children, and blow up buildings.  But as soon as you make such a ludicrous claim, it’s obvious to all Americans that you’re no longer talking about the Santa Claus, because Santa is a character with limits that just can’t be crossed.  The same is true for the Allah character who serious Muslims worship.  Allah isn’t some dope who can’t tell the difference between humans really worshiping him and humans just using him as an excuse to try and pull a Hitler maneuver in the Middle East.  Allah demands true devotion from his followers, and he frowns on those who use him as an excuse to serve themselves. Continue reading

Clear, Not Cryptic: How God Prepares You for the End Times

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Suppose you want to have a conversation with your buddy Chen that you don’t want the people around you to understand.  You and Chen are sitting in a coffee shop and it sounds like everyone around you is speaking American English.  You don’t see any other Asian faces in the crowd.  Good.  You say something to Chen in your native tongue of Mandarin.  Chen smiles and answers back in the same language and soon the two of you are having a jolly time making jokes about the people around you.  Because no one understands the language you’re speaking in, no one gets offended.  Continue reading

No Rapture Before the End Times: Why It’s Not a Bummer


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End time theories in the Church are like clothing fashions.  In the world of clothing, new styles emerge, they become super popular, then they fade away.  After a popular fashion trend has come to an end, there are always some people who keep wearing the style, while others move on to the next trend.  In the same way, if we look over the history of the Church’s theories about how the end times will play out, we can see new theories emerge, become super popular, then fade into the background when another theory emerges.  Today we can still find some Christians who are hanging onto theories that had their heyday centuries ago.  But we can also see that the Church is pushing one end time theory much harder than any others.  Continue reading

Navigating the End Times Without the Bible: Yes, It Can Be Done


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In many of our articles, we make a bunch of claims about who God is and how He operates without quoting a single Bible verse.  This makes many Christians uncomfortable, because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that the Bible—not God Himself—is their only reliable source of truth.  So now and then someone asks us, “Hey, where’s your biblical backup for what you’re saying?”  They ask this because they’re trying to determine truth, and they think that if we come back with some verse that sounds like it supports the claims we’ve made, then that will prove we’re right.

Well, no, that won’t prove anything.  Continue reading

No Antichrist in the End Times: Can it really be true?


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If you read through our material about the end times, you’ll discover that the prophetic picture we paint is significantly different than the Church’s widely accepted fear fest.  The Church is telling you to expect a modernized version of the book of Revelation in which some power hungry human with serious issues stars in the role of the infamous antichrist.  Continue reading

Dealing with the Death of Christians in the End Times


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The Church is teaching you to view the end times as an epic battle of demons and the world versus Christians.  If you believe this, then you’re going to interpret the death of Christians as “evil” gaining ground, and you’ll end up praying some pretty useless prayers. Rather than join the Church in her imbecilic exaltation of created beings, you need to get serious about seeking the wisdom of God regarding the end times. The clock is running down, and soon we’re all going to have a real mess on our hands. If you go into this period theologically unprepared, you’re going to waste a whole lot of time praying stupid prayers and freaking out over things that aren’t even happening.  Continue reading

Pastors & the End Times: Guiding a Flock in Crisis


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In this post, we are specifically speaking to shepherds in the Church who are actually authorized to function as shepherds by God. We’re not talking to all of you defiant rebels who are using the pulpit to exalt yourself and put words in God’s mouth that He never said. To grasp hold of the shepherding staff without God’s permission is to try and manipulate the flock for your own selfish gain. God is extremely protective over His flock. Those of you who are currently abusing the shepherding role are already in big trouble with Him and nothing we say in this post applies to you, because God does not consider you to be a legitimate leader in His flock. To you, all we have to say is this: repent and go home. Perhaps if you actually start submitting to the Holy Spirit, He’ll find some use for you. In the meantime, you’re just deadweight. Continue reading