Positive Miracles in the End Times

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Imagine setting up a row of thirty dominoes or small rectangular tiles.  You stand each tile up on its end and position it close behind the tile in front of it.  When you’re done, it looks like there are thirty tiles waiting in line for something to happen.  Now if you’ve placed the tiles close enough together, then by flicking the first tile forward, you’ll send it crashing into the tile in front of it.  That second tile will then crash into the third, and on and on it will go until all of the tiles have fallen over in a dramatic chain reaction.  Only one tile had problems—only one tile got shoved onto the ground by you, the row creator. But because of the way you placed all of the tiles, you fixed it so that one small shove from you would result in a catastrophe for all of the dominoes.  Instead of one tile falling on its own, one tile’s troubles spread to all of the other tiles.  That first tile managed to take all of the other tiles down with it thanks to the way you set things up.  If you had spaced the tiles further apart from each other, this chain reaction wouldn’t have happened.  But you didn’t, so it did. Continue reading

End Time Wars: The Church vs. The Prophet

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On our main website, you’ll find a title banner that reads: “The Pursuit of God: Serious Topics for Serious Christians.”  And yet in this article about the end times, we are going to say some very harsh things about the Christian religion and warn you to be very wary about trusting Christian interpretations of end time events.  So what’s with the apparent hypocrisy?  If we claim to be Christians ourselves—which we do—then why are we so adamantly opposed to so much of what the Christian Church teaches?  Well, why are sincere followers of Islam so opposed to ISIS terrorists?  After all, the boys in black hoodies are claiming to be showing the world what real devotion to Allah looks like as they go around torturing, maiming and assaulting other humans.  Is it really true that the fictitious Allah is the sort of fellow who is all for guys with big guns tearing land and resources away from others just to feed their personal lust for power and glory?  No, it’s really not.  Even though Allah is as fictitious as America’s Santa Claus, Allah is a very specific sort of character who would never sign off on what the ISIS boys are doing.  You see, even fictional characters have limits.  America’s Santa Claus is a jolly fellow who is all about making children smile and doling out presents.  Sure, you can claim that Santa Claus told you to rape a bunch of women, strap bombs to children, and blow up buildings.  But as soon as you make such a ludicrous claim, it’s obvious to all Americans that you’re no longer talking about the Santa Claus, because Santa is a character with limits that just can’t be crossed.  The same is true for the Allah character who serious Muslims worship.  Allah isn’t some dope who can’t tell the difference between humans really worshiping him and humans just using him as an excuse to try and pull a Hitler maneuver in the Middle East.  Allah demands true devotion from his followers, and he frowns on those who use him as an excuse to serve themselves. Continue reading

How to Pray During the End Times

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It’s time for another post about the end times.  It’s been a while since we posted any new material on this subject, and the time gap has been stressing some of you.  So let’s address that.  What should you make of the fact that we’re so irregular about our posting schedule?  Sometimes we post a new article every day, then we’ll suddenly stop and go for weeks without saying a peep.  How should you be interpreting our silence?  Well, God is simply not the predictable, easy-to-schedule kind of Guy that Christians make Him out to be by pretending that God is actually the Source of the sermons they crank out every seven days.  If Christian pastors were to suddenly stop talking to hear themselves and only preach sermons that God is actually giving them, there would be many cancelled church services.   There would also be many sermons given on random days and nights of the week which people would have to drop everything and rush to if they wanted to catch God’s latest message.  God doesn’t revolve around human schedules.  Instead, He is notorious for acting unpredictable, showing up at unexpected times, and giving out some very inconvenient orders.  If Christians weren’t so good at selling you a phony picture of God, it wouldn’t surprise you at all that folks who are actually speaking for Him don’t stick to a predictable schedule.  We can’t tell you when God’s next message to us will be, because we have no idea.  We can’t predict when we’ll put out another post, or how long our website will be around.  But we do know when God is not authorizing us to speak, and because we are working for Him and not for people, we don’t talk about Him on the world wide web until He tells us to do so.  Continue reading

Jesus, the Antichrist & the End Time Prophet: Different Styles, Different Agendas

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Imagine how ineffective Hitler would have been if the Germans he tried to rally just weren’t interested in following him.  When you think of Hitler, you think of his Nazis.  Take away the Nazis, and all you have is one lonely dreamer who no one is listening to.

If you want to make a big impact on the world, you need followers.  It was Alexander the Great’s massive army that made history remember him as great.  But take away all of those loyal soldiers who were willing to die for their leader, and you just have one guy with a sword who longs to conquer the world.  You can’t establish an empire without manpower. You can’t launch a revolution or get people to embrace a new way of thinking without a bunch of followers who are willing to endure suffering on your say so.  Imagine how ridiculous the Catholic pope would look traipsing around in his royal garb if no one was willing to listen to him.  Such behavior would normally land a man in a mental institution, but instead the pope is a globally respected leader.  Why?  Because he has followers.  Continue reading

End Time Prophecy: Why God Withholds Information

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“When?” is a question that always gets asked whenever God starts prophesying events that are coming in the future.  It doesn’t  matter whether God is describing good things or bad things—everyone wants to know dates.  Humans always want to know more than God is willing to tell them, and they get all huffy when He won’t come forth with more details.  So why doesn’t He?  Continue reading

The End Times: How is God Getting the Word Out?

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We’ve said before that our material on the end times is unique, meaning you’re not going to find anyone else online prepping you the way that we’re prepping for this period.  Some of our readers have taken the time to test the truth of this claim, and they’ve discovered that we’re right: amid the vast ocean of folks who are all spinning off end times predictions, no one is teaching what we’re teaching.  Okay, so we weren’t bulling you about how rare our teaching is: but then what?  Continue reading

End Time Theatrics: Pernicious Plants

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The plant world is vast, variable, and an astounding testimony to God’s boundless creativity.  Compared to animals, plants feel pretty safe and nonthreatening to us humans. Sure, there are some rather vicious specimens out there which can prick or poison us to fatal degrees.  And we hear stories of some nasty characters that will actually launch aerial stingers at passersby.  But plants don’t rip up their roots and start chasing us down the street.  Plants don’t come slinking into our bedrooms at night and wrap their tendrils around our throats.  While we can observe plants warring against each other in slow motion as they hoard resources and drive each other into extinction, we don’t have fears of waking up one morning to find plants trying to murder us in our homes.  This will change during the end times. Continue reading