Distinguishing Between the Real End Times & the Day of Yahweh


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In the Old Testament prophetic books, we find frequent references to a day of the LORD. You’ll notice that when this phrase is used, the term LORD is written in all caps, which means it’s a substitution for the Name Yahweh. So what is the day of Yahweh? Well, generally speaking you should think of the day of Yahweh as a day when things are all bad. It’s a negative term that is referring to a time when Yahweh dishes out some drastic and violent forms of Divine discipline.

Is there just one day of Yahweh referred to in the Bible? No, there are several. And the term day is not meant to be taken literally. It refers more to a period of time. Often the kinds of spankings Yahweh says He’ll be dishing out on these special days of His are things like military invasions and epic slaughtering—events which will take much longer than one 24 hour period to carry out. Continue reading

Applying Revelation 13: Two More Beasts & 666


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This is a continuation of Applying Revelation 12: Miss Israel & Devil Dragon.

Imagine how the citizens of your country would react today if some great fire burned down half of your country’s capital. When disasters like this happen, everyone fears that it was some kind of terrorist attack. Today, who would the primary suspects be for such an act? In your country, who are the usual  scapegoats? In our introductory lesson to this series, we learned about how Emperor Nero officially blamed Christians for starting a fire which did great damage to the empire’s capital city of Rome. At the time, Romans had already developed a strong dislike of Christians. Nero simply took advantage of prejudices that already existed and fanned those hostile feelings into an all-out war. Suddenly it became totally acceptable to treat Christians like the scum of the earth. Once a government legalizes any kind of perverse behavior, humans quickly run amuck. It’s sick and twisted to assault, torture, and kill people just because of their religious beliefs. But the ugly truth is that we’re all bullies by nature, and it just isn’t hard to talk us into participating in the wide scale persecution of other humans. Soon Christians were being viciously targeted everywhere and it was all thanks to that creep Nero. Continue reading

Blood Moons: The Mechanics, the Hype & the God-Honoring Response


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God’s universe is endlessly fascinating.  It’s huge, it’s complex, and He’s filled it with countless objects which He likes to keep in constant motion.  Now the term “blood moon” is a dramatic term people have assigned to the moon getting a reddish tint to it when God causes the sun, earth, and moon to move into a straight line with each other.  Neither the earth nor the moon emit light of their own.  They are like rocks sitting in a dark room.  The sun is like the flashlight that you are holding in your hand.  When you shine your flashlight onto one of the rocks, the rock lights up with color.  When you see those amazing photographs of the blue and green earth, it’s because you’re seeing the earth’s surface being lit up by the sun.

Now if a man shines a flashlight into your eyes, what do you do?  You hold your hand up.  Why?  Because once you raise your hand in front of your eyes, the light hits your hand.  Your hand is solid–the light can’t penetrate through it.  The solid mass of your hand casts a shadow over your eyes which gives your eyes relief from the blinding light.  Continue reading