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Singing Smack to Yahweh: SHOW ME YOUR GLORY by Jesus Culture


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Reverence is one of those four critical soul attitudes that are essential to you pleasing your Makers.  Without it, you’re going to Hell—this is how important reverence is.  So now let’s dig deeper.  Why is reverence so important?  Well, reverence is a fear based respect which is a logical response to recognizing that someone or something has the power to harm you.  Humans revere fire, which is why they keep a cautious distance from it.  Because they know that fire has the power to severely injure them, they are afraid of it, and that fear translates into a sober respect which prevents them from just tossing lit matches onto the carpets of their homes.  Read more of this post

Offensive Worship Songs: LORD, LET YOUR GLORY FALL by Matt Redman


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It is a historical fact that the nation of Israel has always treated Yahweh like garbage (and she continues to do so today).  After reading through the Old and New Testaments, we cannot possibly come to a different conclusion, for in those pages, we find both Jesus and Yahweh stating in some very strong terms how abominably Their “chosen people” have treated Them from the beginning.  Of course the Church today tries to deny the truth of this.  Not only does she deny it, she goes to the other extreme of exalting Israel as being spiritually superior to everyone else, thus you are taught to feel like a lesser Christian in God’s eyes if you don’t happen to be an ethnic Jew (see More Lies from Paul: God Loves Jews More Than Gentiles).  Such is the idiocy of the Church, and as she encourages us all to fawn over Israel and treasure all things Jewish, she acts as if the feelings of our Gods are totally irrelevant.  Well, this is pure rot, and we certainly don’t want to follow the Church’s horrible example of exalting hardcore rebellion as a wonderful thing.  Read more of this post