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Salvation Song Bombs: OH THE POWER by Kari Jobe

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Spiritual discernment is about accurately telling truth from lies.  The better you get at discernment, the harder you are to con, and the stronger your relationship with God will be.  But wait—how does developing good discernment skills help you grow closer to God in your personal life?  Because God is the One who defines what truth is, and He’s never going to share much truth with you until you get serious about honoring Him with your soul attitudes.  God delights in souls who cling to Him like flypaper and embrace a mindset of “I can do nothing without You.”  This isn’t an exaggeration—you literally can’t do anything apart from God, because you are totally dependent on Him for every breath as well as for every kernel of wisdom.  The problem is that most Christians are clinging to the arrogant delusion that they are less than absolutely dependent on God.  Instead, they prefer to think they are actually wiser than God in many areas, thus they are qualified to constantly criticize Him in their prayers. Read more of this post

Worship Bombs: KYRIE ELEISON by Chris Tomlin


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When people who speak different languages start socializing with each other on a regular basis, it doesn’t take long before they start merging their languages.  Each fellow steals some words and phrases from the other fellow’s language and he starts teaching those new phrases to his pals.  The English language is a fabulous example of this.  If you buy an English dictionary,  you’ll find that it contains many words that aren’t English at all, but English speakers have adopted them with such enthusiasm, that they now consider them part of normal English.  Take sauerkraut, for example.  There’s nothing English about that word, it’s totally German.  If English speakers wanted to keep their language pure, they could redefine what sauerkraut is in English terms.  But if you go into an American food market, you won’t find cans labeled as containing “pickled shreds of cabbage.”  Even though that’s what sauerkraut means in English, the Germans make it sound so much tastier by the way they say it, so English speaking Americans have stolen the term.   Read more of this post

Songs that Insult Yahweh: CHAMPION by Jesus Culture


The fact that we call the Trinity doctrine out for the baloney that it is and refuse to downplay the separateness of the true Gods really hacks off a lot of Christians.  Why can’t we just bow to the authority of the Church and regurgitate this rot about God being “three in one”?  Because Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not just one mysterious Blob with a split personality.  They are three separate and distinct Deities, and until you start recognizing Them for who They are, you are never going to treat Them with the honor and respect that They deserve.

Now being the little polytheist that you are, you routinely address your Gods as individual Beings—you just don’t want anyone to point this out to you because you’ve decided that it’s something to be ashamed of.  It’s time for you to stop letting other humans push you around in your personal relationship with your Creators.  You’re never going to learn how to treat the true Gods with the honor They deserve while you’re treating Them like a single Entity.  To understand why, let’s use an analogy. Read more of this post

Terrible Salvation Songs: BECAUSE HE LIVES (AMEN) by Matt Maher


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Rex is the proud father of two young children: Chris and Hannah.  Rex loves his kids very much and his favorite part of the day is when he gets home from work and sees them running to greet him and tell him all about their days.  Rex’s first wife died several years ago, and he just recently married another woman named Tina.  He’s anxious to see how his kids will adjust to having Tina being their new stay-at-home mom.  Well, one day when Rex comes home from work, he is concerned when he doesn’t see Chris and Hannah waving at him from the window.  When he goes in the front door, he is surprised to see them still playing with their toys on the living room floor, not even looking in his direction. Read more of this post

Songs that God Hates: Before the Throne of God Above


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We humans were brought into existence by three glorious Gods: Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  True Christianity begins with the reverential submission to these three Beings as the only Gods in existence.  And once we become Christians, we find ourselves relating to three magnificent Beings who have massive egos and an insatiable appetite for praise.  Bring on those worship songs, for we certainly want to please our Gods by expressing our sincere adoration and appreciation for who They are.  Certainly music isn’t the only means by which we can worship our Gods, but it’s a nice one.  So worship songs are fabulous…provided we’re singing them with the right soul attitudes and that our lyrics are God-honoring. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Read more of this post

Hymns That Lead Us Astray: There is Power in the Blood


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The Church has a long and rich musical history.  Over the centuries, Christians have produced countless hymns which discuss many aspects of our relationship with God.  And while many songs are fun to sing, we rarely stop to appreciate the enormous impact our music has on our theology.  Whatever you keep rehearsing is what you end up accepting as solid truth.  And since prayer and worship are the two main ways that we communicate with God, it is critical for the maturing Christian to start giving serious thought as to the language he uses when doing these things.  In this post, we’re going to take a critical look at an old classic: There’s Power in the Blood.  Dating back to 1899, this hymn promotes theology about sin and salvation that is, well, totally wrong.  But when wrong is also biblical, things get confusing. Read more of this post

Corrupted Worship Songs: Your Grace is Enough


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Worship is extremely serious to God. When you sing to Him, He is listening to what you’re saying. You need to mean what you say. Now there is a wide range of worship songs floating about in the Church today. There are songs which have nothing redeemable about them—they’re just pure rot that insult God from beginning to end. We call these “worship songs from Satan”. Then there are very good God-honoring songs which were clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit. But then there’s a tricky blend—a corrupted mix of good and bad. The famous “Your Grace is Enough” is a prime example of a corrupted worship song: one which blends really good truths with some utterly inappropriate statements. You see, Satan is always trying to slip in little pellets of poison wherever he can. Often when we’re dealing with corrupted worship songs, those few lines that offend God end up being repeated over and over again throughout the song. This is the case with “Your Grace is Enough”. Let’s take a look. Read more of this post