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Worship Flops: 10,000 REASONS by Matt Redman


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Why are Christian worship leaders such an endless stream of worship bombs?  Why do our leaders find it so hard to write lyrics that actually worship God instead of insulting Him and/or worshiping something other than Him?  There are two main reasons why Christendom is inundated with bad worship lyrics: a lack of conviction and a lack of caring.  The first reason—a lack of conviction—is the better excuse.  A man can’t be expected to know something that God hasn’t taught him yet, and in some cases, we have well-meaning souls crafting really bad lyrics in a sincere effort to please God.  Happily for all of us, God judges us by our intentions, and when He sees that we really do want to please Him, He is pleased.  Because God takes His time in educating humans on spiritual matters, and because He educates us all in a different order, then if you’re listening to God in your own life, the day will come when you start seeing errors in lyrics that other Christians aren’t seeing.  What do you do when this happens?  You obey the convictions God is giving you.  When God tells you that He doesn’t like a set of lyrics, then you need to stop singing them at Him.  It doesn’t mean that you get up on stage and condemn everyone else in the room for singing those lyrics, because the fact that God is telling you to do something is not the same as Him authorizing you to go bossing other people around.  Convicting souls is God’s job. Read more of this post

Idolatrous Worship Songs: HOUSE OF THE LORD by Jeff Pardo


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Honesty is a critical part of spiritual growth.  You can’t get closer to God by lying to yourself or Him, and yet when we’re so used to giving the answers that we think we’re supposed to be giving, it often takes effort to dig down and think about what our honest answer to a question really is.  The question we’re about to ask you is one that you need to give serious thought to, because your honest answer to this question is having a profound impact on how you perceive your personal dynamic with God.  So here it is: Do you think that God makes Himself more available to you when you are physically standing in a church or in a crowd of other believers?  Don’t just throw out a quick answer.  Really think about it.  Read more of this post