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Faithless Worship Songs: ABIDE WITH ME by Matt Redman


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Faith is an activity of the soul.  It’s when your soul chooses to put its trust in a concept regardless of whether or not that concept can be confirmed through sensual data (see Faith Development: Basic Mechanics).  Because we’re used to relying on our senses to guide us in our relationships with other humans and in our interactions with the physical world we live in, we find relying on faith to be very challenging—especially when incoming sensual data seems to be contradicting the facts which our souls are trying to cling to.  If God feels far away to our emotions, does that mean that He really is?  If we can’t see, hear, or touch God, does that mean that He is not present with us? Read more of this post

Hymns That Lead Us Astray: Abide With Me


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The old Christian standard Abide With Me has been abiding in our hymnals since 1847 and has even found its way into movies in which a director must choose some hymn for his church congregation to be singing as the camera pans them.  And yet, as is the case with many of our hymnal classics, this song is really quite awful.  The more you think about the words, the worse it gets, for we’re basically declaring our total rejection of God’s Presence with us.  Remember this key discernment principle: humans don’t ask for what they believe they already have.  So as we work our way through five stanzas of pleading with God to abide with us, what are we saying about our faith in His claim to be always with us?  Clearly our faith is lacking.  Read more of this post

Worship Song Analysis: SAME POWER by Jeremy Camp


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Would you want your spouse to just snatch some random greeting card off the rack and hand it to you without bothering to really think about what the card says? Isn’t it true that phrases like “I love you” become very hurtful when they’re said insincerely? When we sing songs to our glorious Makers, we need to be giving serious thought to the lyrics and make sure they are ones that our Gods would actually find pleasing. There are many worship songs in circulation today which grossly insult our Gods. Singing to Them is not like singing at some brick wall which neither knows nor cares about what you’re saying. Our Gods are very sensitive and deeply passionate Beings. They detest it when we just yammer on at Them with no consideration for Their feelings. Do you want your husband to groove along to some song that grossly demeans women just because it has a cool beat? Do you want your wife to be singing along to a song that grossly insults men and then scoff at your protests by saying, “Don’t be so touchy! I love the melody!”? A lot of really irreverent songs become popular among Christians simply because of catchy rhythms and great harmonies. We can’t help the fact that we enjoy a tune, but if the words insult one or more of our glorious Lords, then where do we get off singing it at Them? Worship is not a game to Them. Our worship needs to be sincere, and that’s not going to happen until we are really thinking about the words we’re singing. Don’t be saying or singing stuff to God that you don’t mean. He finds it annoying—wouldn’t you? Read more of this post

Corrupted Worship Songs: Your Grace is Enough


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Worship is extremely serious to God. When you sing to Him, He is listening to what you’re saying. You need to mean what you say. Now there is a wide range of worship songs floating about in the Church today. There are songs which have nothing redeemable about them—they’re just pure rot that insult God from beginning to end. We call these “worship songs from Satan”. Then there are very good God-honoring songs which were clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit. But then there’s a tricky blend—a corrupted mix of good and bad. The famous “Your Grace is Enough” is a prime example of a corrupted worship song: one which blends really good truths with some utterly inappropriate statements. You see, Satan is always trying to slip in little pellets of poison wherever he can. Often when we’re dealing with corrupted worship songs, those few lines that offend God end up being repeated over and over again throughout the song. This is the case with “Your Grace is Enough”. Let’s take a look. Read more of this post