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Returning to the God You Divorced: Guidance for Christians


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When we first begin our relationship with God, we bring a list of ultimatums with us.  That list contains a bunch of behaviors which we won’t tolerate God engaging in.  That list defines the limits our of willingness to be dominated by Him. Sure, we’ll stay as long as God doesn’t engage in some unpardonable sin.  But if He does cross certain lines with us, we’re divorcing Him, and it will be all His fault. Read more of this post

Why the Holy Spirit Left You: Guidance for Panicking Christians


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There comes a time in the lives of certain devoted Christians when something truly horrible happens to them. The Holy Spirit suddenly leaves. One moment things are as they should be, and the next moment His Presence vanishes and they can feel a terrifying void inside of them. If this is where you are at right now, keep reading.

This is an experience which most Christians will never have to endure. It is a trauma that is limited to a select few, and this makes it all the harder to find someone who can walk you through it. In this post, we’ll explain to you what is happening, and help you understand God’s positive reasons for putting you through this. Read more of this post

The Benefits of Betrayal: How God Uses Traumatic Experiences to Strengthen Our Bond with Him


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Building a relationship with a nonhuman, all powerful Creator is an entirely different affair than developing a solid friendship with another human being. For one thing, humans are limited, whereas God is unlimited. This greatly changes the kinds of things we can expect to receive in the relationship. You can’t look to a human to satisfy your every need. That would be like trying to pour a gallon’s worth of water out of a single cup. You can’t expect a human to be totally trustworthy or dependable. Humans are frail. They easily crack under pressure. The most noble man could be persuaded to compromise his character under the right circumstances. The most devoted spouse could be tempted into having an affair if they were put under enough strain.

We all have needs which humans are incapable of fulfilling but at first we don’t realize this. We go into human relationships with expectations that are way too high only to end up crushed and disillusioned when people fail us. Once we’ve been badly hurt, we never want to be hurt again. Yet we are extremely needy creatures and our needs cripple us when they continue to go unmet. We MUST find a source that can give us the things we need, and ultimately this is what will drive us to God. Our Creator is the only One who can truly satisfy us. Once we’re told this, we get back out those lofty expectations that we used in human relationships and we expect God to be everything that we want Him to be. But then He’s not. He doesn’t always answer us when we pray, He doesn’t allow us to see Him or sense His Presence in some affirming way. He is far more mysterious and strange than we were expecting. He does things to us which we do not like. Then the day comes when He does something that we REALLY do not like—something that completely violates who we think God should be. Now we feel greatly betrayed and betrayal leads to feelings of hate. If God really loves us, why would He treat us like this? We feel there is no reasonable answer to this question. And yet there is… Read more of this post

When God Leaves Town: Lessons Learned from John the Baptist

When God Leaves Town

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When Jesus heard that John had been put in prison, He withdrew to Galilee. (Matt. 4:12)

This is a very disturbing statement when we really stop to think about it. Here John the Baptist has spent his life promoting Jesus and getting ridiculed by people for Jesus’ sake. John has shown great courage and devotion to God with his messages, not shying away from preaching unpopular truths. Herod is a moral zero. When God tells John to speak out against the evil tetrarch, Herod reacts by throwing John into prison. Here is a perfect opportunity for Jesus to show some support to His faithful servant. After all, if He is going to let Mary pressure Him into turning water into wine even though He says it isn’t time for Him to start doing miracles yet, surely He can do something for John. But instead, Jesus leaves town, fully aware of how abused and miserable His prophet will be in chains surrounded by a bunch of creeps. Nice. Read more of this post