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Christian Prayer Groups: Why God Isn’t a Fan


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Social bonding is an important element of any human relationship. To form positive relationships with each other, we need to spend time talking together and sharing our different perspectives. The experience of feeling listened to and empathized with is so intensely positive and uplifting to the soul that we are willing to pay counselors to provide this service for us. But it’s much better when we can find people who are willing to listen to us and care about us free of charge, and this is what makes Christian prayer groups so very popular. Read more of this post

Lifting Each Other Up in Prayer


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At some point along the path of maturity, you need to start giving serious thought as to why you do what you do. As Christians, we’re taught to develop certain habits. We’re then praised for maintaining those habits but we’re discouraged from ever questioning them. This is no good. Spiritual maturity involves a whole lot of questioning. Read more of this post

Do you need other Christians to pray for you?

Do you need other Christians to pray for you?

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Many Christians cling to a strong belief that simply being indwelt by God Almighty isn’t enough to get you through the day. If you’re going to taste sweet victory over your enemies in the supernatural realm and live a victorious life in Christ, then you need the prayers of other Christians to prop you up on a continuous basis. Apparently we are supposed to view the Holy Spirit like a pump in a gas station. We pull up our car for a refill, but nothing happens until some prayerful Christian comes along and squeezes some of that Divine empowerment into our tank for us. Apparently it’s not enough that we talk to God ourselves—we need another brother to present our requests to Him as well. The obvious conclusion is that if we don’t have any friends at church who we can call upon to pray for us, then God isn’t going to give us the VIP treatment that He reserves for the popular people. And since Christians don’t really put their heart into praying for people who annoy them, we’d better make sure we stay on their good side. Let the flattering begin. Read more of this post