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Intercession: Exposing the Lies


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Like tithing, intercession is one of those topics in the Church which a majority of teachers are teaching you wrong about. It’s a big problem when your shepherds lie to you, because lies end up creating problems in your personal relationship with God. Bad teaching about tithing inspires Christians to disrespect God and/or fear that His acceptance of them is not something they can count on. Bad teaching about intercession does major damage as well. Read more of this post

The Power of a Righteous Man’s Prayer


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The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (Jam. 5:16)

What makes this verse such a favorite among Christians? The wording. Notice the reference to power: that always perks the ears of our little egos. And then notice who is wielding that power: a human being, not God. And here is where we should be slamming on the brakes and saying, “Wait a minute—something’s wrong. Humans don’t have power.” But this is not what we say, is it?

Humans don’t have power. Humans aren’t potent little sorcerers who can go around zapping God into action with their universe altering utterances. So whenever someone starts trying to pump you up about YOUR power, you need to look to the Holy Spirit for help. Whether that person is a dead apostle like James or a living leader in the Church today, anyone who tries to make you view YOURSELF as a powerful entity is leading you astray. GOD has power, and He doesn’t take orders from you. Read more of this post

Demons Cannot Control Your Prayers

Demons Cannot Control Your Prayers

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Can demons control how your soul prays to God?  Can they block your prayers from getting through to Him? Absolutely not. But they will try to make you think they can by scrambling your thoughts. And if you don’t understand the difference between your thoughts and your prayers, you will end up quite distressed. So this is where we need to do some explaining about how prayer actually works. Read more of this post

Understanding Prayer: Can Other Christians Turn God Against You?

Understanding Prayer: Can Other Christians Turn God Against You?

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Sometimes your devotion to the Lord starts threatening your brothers down at the old church house. When their usual strategies fail to force you off the course of obedience, then they accuse you of being a servant of Satan. If you’re really ticking them off, then they get out the big guns: they decide to take you down with prayer. And they let you know, of course, because they want to intimidate you as quickly as possible. Naturally they assume God is going to side with them against you. What a crock. Read more of this post