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Discernment Charts – NT Epistles: God Won’t Talk to Doubters


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Spiritual discernment is about being able to tell the difference between truth and lies.  It is God who teaches you how to get better at discernment, and a key part of this process is learning to think critically about the things you’re being taught.  Critical thinking is a form of questioning–and once you start asking the right questions, it’s amazing how much guff you find in the Bible.

The purpose of our Discernment Charts – New Testament Epistles series is to help you sharpen your discernment skills by showing you how to flesh out many beliefs and attitudes that a single point of teaching promotes.  These charts focus on statements that were made by apostles in the early Church.  Are the New Testament authors teaching you well or are they leading you astray?  Ask God for His opinion on these matters.  (Click the image to enlarge it.)

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Talking to God: Two Essential Rules


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Here’s a common church scenario. You’re sitting in the congregation and Pastor Bob gets up and says, “Let’s pray.” He then starts dictating a prayer for you to pray. In other words, Bob is telling you how you ought to talk to God. This is a problem.

Your relationship with God is an extremely personal thing. Your soul’s communication with Him is as intimate and private as a man and wife cuddling each other in bed. In the Bible, God constantly likened worship and prayer to sex. He said His followers were like His wife and He was the possessive Husband who got super ticked when His wife starting doing it with other gods. In the Old Testament, most of God’s chosen people were heavy into idol worship. God took major offense at this. He called it adulterous betrayal and He put out some very crude descriptions of how He viewed souls praying to supernatural beings other than Him. Read more of this post

The Emotionality of Prayer

The Emotionality of Prayer

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God loves variety, which is why He has created such a broad spectrum of human temperaments. Some of us are highly emotional while others of us are quite calm. Some of us tear up over every tender moment while others of us wouldn’t cry if the person we loved the most suddenly died in front of us. We all have feelings, but we express them differently. We all care deeply about certain things, but some of us keep the intensity of our feelings so buried that no one would ever dream how important certain things are to us—no one except God. Read more of this post

Being Honest with God

Being Honest with God

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When dealing with our own kind, God has graciously arranged things so that we cannot see into each other’s hearts. This is a very good thing because it protects us from knowing just how self-centered we all are and gives us a chance to build relationships. Imagine trying to get a friendship off the ground if the potential friend could hear every single one of your thoughts. You might like them well enough, but they might be quite repulsed by the other things swimming around in your brain. We all have our ugly little secrets that we’re very glad the world does not know about. God blessed us richly with this chance to not be fully known by others as long as we are living in fallen flesh. Read more of this post