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Recognizing Trust Lessons: Why God is Refusing to Give You Clear Direction


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When you are very eager to please God, it’s only natural that you want to be 100% sure that you’re doing exactly what He wants all of the time.  In an effort to secure that kind of assurance, it’s very easy to fall into a habit of casting lots or routinely asking God for clear signs before you decide on a course of action.  And yet once you start trying to get God to confirm your decisions before you act on them, you will quickly discover that He starts refusing to do so.  Perhaps He does speak to you through signs the first few times.  But soon He’ll stop speaking to you through them.  If that doesn’t deter you from trying to use them, then He’ll start intentionally deceiving you.  For example, in a fit of frustration, you might ask, “God, if You love me, then make this coin land heads up,” and instead God will cause it to land heads down or do whatever else you’ve set up as your “no” signal.  A couple of rounds of this treatment, and you’ll lose all confidence in casting lots as you pitch into a period of frustration and doubt.  So why does God do this?  Why does He intentionally frustrate your efforts to get clear direction from Him?  Isn’t He supposed to be judging you by your motivations?  Yes, He does.  Then why doesn’t He appreciate the fact that you’re sincerely trying to please Him by being clear about what He wants?  He does appreciate it, and He’s expressing His appreciation by frustrating the heck out of you when you try to get clear leading from Him.  Well, what kind of sense does this make?  This is what we’re going to talk about in this post. Read more of this post

Understanding God’s Silence: Why He Withholds Affirmation


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Here’s an exasperating pattern which some of you are currently experiencing: when God is displeased with you He is very clear with His corrective convictions, but when it comes to expressing His pleasure with you He’s being deathly quiet.  It’s not that He can’t communicate His pleasure with you—it’s that He won’t.  And because God is being so tight-lipped, you naturally spend a lot of time anxiously fretting about your standing with Him.

God says that if we sincerely care about pleasing Him, then we can know for a fact that He is pleased with us.  We can understand this principle in our souls, but the lack of positive affirmation from God still leaves us squirming.  So what is God’s point in doing this?  Why is He so silent towards the souls who care most about Him? Read more of this post

Prayer Frustrations: Why won’t God talk when I’m ready to listen?


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You spend hours in the prayer closet, and God doesn’t say a peep. But when you get into the shower afterwards, suddenly He pipes up with some word.  What’s up with that?  Why does God wait until you’ve got a head full of shampoo distracting you before He’ll say something?  Ever sit down to have that focused prayer session only to wake up an hour later wondering when you drifted off?  Or how about waiting all day for God to speak to you, only to have Him suddenly pipe up when you’re sitting at a friend’s house feeling distracted by noise and people?  What are we to make of God refusing to show up in these sacred settings we arrange for Him?  Is He telling us to stop trying to put so much effort into seeking Him?  No, He’s actually teaching us a very different principle. Read more of this post

Communicating with God: His Silence


God created us as beings who are utterly dependent on Him for everything. Unlike us, God thrives in the eternal roles of Provider, Protector, and Nurturer. He enjoys taking care of us so much that He designed us to remain dependent on Him forever. Though God plans to change us in many ways as He draws us closer to Him, increasing our ability to function without Him is not one of them. Human parents try to raise their children to be independent, self-sufficient adults, but God teaches His kids that all self-sufficiency is a delusion, for in reality we can do nothing apart from Him. Read more of this post