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Understanding God’s Promises: Yahweh Promises to Bless Israel (Isaiah 30:18-33)


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This is a continuation of Understanding Yahweh’s Wrath: Judah’s Alliance with Egypt (Isaiah 30:1-17).

In our previous lesson, we learned that the tiny nation of Judah is in a major crisis.  Not that long ago, the fearsome Assyrian army sacked the kingdom of Israel, exiled all of the people living there, and absorbed that territory into their own growing empire.  Now the small southern nation of Judah is all that’s left of the original nation of Israel, and things are looking bad.  Ticked by rumors of rebellion, King Sennacherib [seh-NACK-ker-rib] of Assyria invades Judah, destroys several of her strongest cities, and then surrounds the city of Jerusalem with his massive army, effectively cutting off all incoming supplies.  This is called sieging and it was a common warfare tactic in Bible times.  Read more of this post