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Serving a God Who Lies


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God has a long history of lying to human beings.  This is one of those uncomfortable truths that none of us want to deal with, so we try to ignore it as long as possible.  But when God calls you to function as one of His prophets, you end up forced to deal with the lying business, because you’re the one He’s very likely to do some of His lying through.  Who wants to look like an idiot by prophesying something that doesn’t happen?  No one.  But prophets aren’t the only ones who get affected by God’s deceptiveness.  If you pursue God long enough, it’s only a matter of time until He lies to you about something you really care about.  Then what?  You’ll feel all bitter and disillusioned, of course.  There’s nothing fun about the first time God hits you with some bit of crushing disillusionment.  It’s rather like a first heartbreak—it’s really miserable and it permanently changes you.  Of course it’s a lot easier to get sympathy for a broken heart than it is for God lying to you.  Among Christians, it’s taboo to use the phrase “God lies,” and souls who are caught in this stage with Him often end up shunned, harshly criticized, and blamed for all sorts of things.  This is one of the reasons we discuss the topic of God lying in such depth on our site: because when you’re dealing with it for the first time, it’s a very lonely road.  Read more of this post

The Real End Times: Why Israel is Irrelevant


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If you read through our material on the end times, it won’t take you long to notice something very strange.

We don’t talk about Israel.

But wait—we are prophesying about the end times, aren’t we?  Yes, we are.  And we are claiming to be getting our information directly from God, aren’t we?  Yes, we are.  Unlike so many false prophets who get together and synchronize their “visions” before they publicly broadcast their messages, we don’t give a flip about what any other yahoo is telling you about the end times.  Such is the freedom of knowing when God is talking to you: you don’t need the big boys to agree with you.  Read more of this post

Understanding Yahweh: “Child Sacrifice Never Entered My Mind” (Jeremiah 7)


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In Jeremiah 7:31, Yahweh is speaking of rebellious Jews living in and around ancient Jerusalem when He says:

“They have built the high places of Tophet in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in the fire—something I did not command, nor did it enter My mind.” (Jer. 7:31)

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Practicing Discernment: Yahweh Lies


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This is a continuation of Practicing Discernment: Jesus Lies.

In our previous discernment lesson, we pointed out several times in the Gospels when Jesus intentionally withheld wisdom from people as a response to their spiritual rebellion. When we refuse to listen to truth, our Gods intentionally lead us astray with lies.

In this post, we’re going to turn the focus onto Yahweh and check out some examples of Him using deception in the Old Testament. Our Gods don’t just use deception as a means of disciplining us. They also use deception to encourage dialogue between us and Them, as well as to help us better understand who They are and what They care about. Like Jesus, Yahweh is a frequent liar, and His deceptions come in many different forms. But there are always thrilling lessons to be learned from studying our Gods in action, so let’s dive in and get a better appreciation for how our Gods use deception to draw us closer to Them. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: Jesus Lies


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When we’re afraid, we often mask our fear as anger. There are many truths about Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit which really strike fear into the hearts of Christians, thus they react with great anger whenever those truths are discussed. The fact that our three glorious Creators are sovereign is one of them. Christians certainly want their Gods to have some degree of control—but not absolute control, or then They’d have to be controlling evil. It really scares humans to think that the Gods who they are depending on in life are actually the Source of all of the misery, carnage and pain in this world. When we’re scared, we get mad and we try to separate ourselves from the thing that scares us. This is why you see Christians clinging so fiercely to absolute lies about how their Gods operate and this is why those same Christians will flip out on you if you try to discuss certain things with them. It’s a fear response: people assume Gods who are controlling evil cannot possibly be good in Character. Well, yes, They can, and our Creators are good, but we’re not going to gain rock solid confidence in this fact by shutting down every time They try to discuss difficult truths with us. Read more of this post

Why did Yahweh lie about being the only God in existence?


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In the Old Testament, Yahweh claims to be the only God in existence. Today we know that there are really three Gods: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Yahweh Himself confirmed the reality of multiple Gods after the revelation of Jesus. So why did He lie about it? What was the point?

Yahweh always has good reasons for what He does. And once we learn to stop freaking out about the fact that He lied to us, we can finally get around to appreciating the brilliance of His Old Testament evangelism strategy. Read more of this post

Communicating with God: Why He Lies


God lies. God intentionally deceives us in all sorts of ways. His motives for doing so are good, of course, but this doesn’t lessen the trauma of discovering that “the God of truth” has no problems with intentionally tricking, deluding, and misleading us.

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The Benefits of Betrayal: How God Uses Traumatic Experiences to Strengthen Our Bond with Him


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Building a relationship with a nonhuman, all powerful Creator is an entirely different affair than developing a solid friendship with another human being. For one thing, humans are limited, whereas God is unlimited. This greatly changes the kinds of things we can expect to receive in the relationship. You can’t look to a human to satisfy your every need. That would be like trying to pour a gallon’s worth of water out of a single cup. You can’t expect a human to be totally trustworthy or dependable. Humans are frail. They easily crack under pressure. The most noble man could be persuaded to compromise his character under the right circumstances. The most devoted spouse could be tempted into having an affair if they were put under enough strain.

We all have needs which humans are incapable of fulfilling but at first we don’t realize this. We go into human relationships with expectations that are way too high only to end up crushed and disillusioned when people fail us. Once we’ve been badly hurt, we never want to be hurt again. Yet we are extremely needy creatures and our needs cripple us when they continue to go unmet. We MUST find a source that can give us the things we need, and ultimately this is what will drive us to God. Our Creator is the only One who can truly satisfy us. Once we’re told this, we get back out those lofty expectations that we used in human relationships and we expect God to be everything that we want Him to be. But then He’s not. He doesn’t always answer us when we pray, He doesn’t allow us to see Him or sense His Presence in some affirming way. He is far more mysterious and strange than we were expecting. He does things to us which we do not like. Then the day comes when He does something that we REALLY do not like—something that completely violates who we think God should be. Now we feel greatly betrayed and betrayal leads to feelings of hate. If God really loves us, why would He treat us like this? We feel there is no reasonable answer to this question. And yet there is… Read more of this post

When God Disillusions You


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Life with God is filled with unexpected twists and shocking surprises.  These things are fun in movies, but when they pop up in our personal lives, they often seem quite miserable.  When loved ones die without warning, when ministries suddenly fall apart, when promises aren’t fulfilled and callings are blocked, we end up feeling confused, lost, and devastated. Read more of this post