Songs that Insult Yahweh: CHAMPION by Jesus Culture


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The fact that we call the Trinity doctrine out for the baloney that it is and refuse to downplay the separateness of the true Gods really hacks off a lot of Christians.  Why can’t we just bow to the authority of the Church and regurgitate this rot about God being “three in one”?  Because Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not just one mysterious Blob with a split personality.  They are three separate and distinct Deities, and until you start recognizing Them for who They are, you are never going to treat Them with the honor and respect that They deserve.

Now being the little polytheist that you are, you routinely address your Gods as individual Beings—you just don’t want anyone to point this out to you because you’ve decided that it’s something to be ashamed of.  It’s time for you to stop letting other humans push you around in your personal relationship with your Creators.  You’re never going to learn how to treat the true Gods with the honor They deserve while you’re treating Them like a single Entity.  To understand why, let’s use an analogy. Continue reading

Singing Smack to Yahweh: SHOW ME YOUR GLORY by Jesus Culture


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Reverence is one of those four critical soul attitudes that are essential to you pleasing your Makers.  Without it, you’re going to Hell—this is how important reverence is.  So now let’s dig deeper.  Why is reverence so important?  Well, reverence is a fear based respect which is a logical response to recognizing that someone or something has the power to harm you.  Humans revere fire, which is why they keep a cautious distance from it.  Because they know that fire has the power to severely injure them, they are afraid of it, and that fear translates into a sober respect which prevents them from just tossing lit matches onto the carpets of their homes.  Continue reading

Offensive Worship Songs: JESUS, ONLY JESUS by Passion


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We have three Gods.  We might feel uncomfortable using the word three or putting an s on the end of the word God.  But we don’t run the universe, and we didn’t create our Creators.  Yahweh is not Jesus.  Jesus is not the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is not Yahweh.  We have three separate and distinct Creators, and once They reveal this fact to your personal soul, it means that you need to make some changes to the way that you communicate with Them.  After all, if your friend Rick introduces you to his buddy Ben, would you then go right on talking to Rick as if Ben doesn’t even exist?  No, because in the realm of humans, such behavior is considered insulting and rude.  Well, when you insult humans, they are limited in the way that they can retaliate.  Such is not the case when you insult omnipotent Gods.  So as much as it might make you feel squirmy and awkward to finally acknowledge that your three Creators really aren’t one Blob with a split personality, Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not embarrassed about Their distinctiveness.  It’s more like They’re proud of it.  And after the enormous fuss Jesus made by claiming to be a second God, He’s really not going to let you fluff off the concept of multiple Deities as if it’s no big deal.  It’s a very big deal that the human race has received a corrective update about how many Gods there are.  We used to think there was only One: Yahweh.  Now we know that there are Two more: Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Since salvation is attained through sufficient submission to the true Gods, clearly salvation works a bit differently today than it did back in the days of the Old Covenant.  It used to be that just submitting to Yahweh was enough. Now we must submit to Yahweh and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus gave that final Great Commission to His eleven disciples, He told them to baptize people in the Names of three Divine Beings, not just in the Name of Yahweh.  Continue reading

Worship Song Analysis: IN CHRIST ALONE by the Newsboys


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In the world of Christian worship songs, you’ll find a lot of simplistic ditties, some songs with more insightful lyrics, and then there is the occasional song which is written to be a kind of theological review about what Christians are supposed to believe.  When it comes to the Newsboys’ song In Christ Alone, we are presented with a lot of theology about Christ.  Good.  Whenever Christian songwriters start listing off widely accepted doctrines, it’s a fabulous opportunity to practice discernment.  But we also need to remember that the purpose of worshiping our Gods is to please Them by expressing our sincere, God-honoring sentiments about how much we cherish Them.  Far too often, Christian worship leaders show no concern for God’s feelings as they choose songs with lyrics which grossly insult one of more of our three glorious Creators.  Rather than just mindlessly follow their bad examples, we need to be asking our Gods for Their input about which songs They do and don’t like. Continue reading

Worship Song Analysis: THE NAME OF JESUS by Chris Tomlin


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The people who we read about in the Bible were bogged down with many superstitious beliefs.  Some of those beliefs were born out of fears, others out of sheer arrogance.  One of the oldest and most prevalent beliefs that we find people clinging to is the power of the spoken word.  This is an attempt to greatly exaggerate the power of human beings by suggesting that they can make things happen merely be uttering noises.  In other words, we’re all a bunch of potent sorcerers who are so powerful, that we can make all supernatural beings bend to our wills.  The popular theories of relativism and name it and claim it are just other names for this same arrogant notion that we can control, change, and define reality to be whatever we want whenever we want.  Well, no, we can’t.  We are mere created beings, not the Creators of all things.  Continue reading

Hymns from Satan: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel


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Each year when Christmas rolls around, Christians break out a special collection of worship songs which center around the theme of Christ’s birth. And while marveling over the revelation that we have another Creator besides the magnificent Yahweh is quite appropriate, many of the songs we sing at Christmastime are quite insulting to both Christ and Yahweh. The famous hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is a classic example of this. It’s time that we Christians recognize that this song is utterly absurd, nonsensical, and very insulting to our glorious Lords. To help you understand why you should not be singing this rot to God at the end of every year, we’re going to go through the lyrics of this song line by line. Continue reading