Singing Smack to the Holy Spirit: CONSUMING FIRE by Tim Hughes


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In every area of your relationship with Him, God initiates.  You are never the first one to reach out to Him.  The best you can ever do is to respond positively to Him reaching out to you.  He always leads, you follow.  He initiates, you respond: this is how it works for creatures who are totally dependent on their Creator for all things.

So why is it important to realize that God always initiates in His relationship with you?  For one thing, it keeps you humble and aware of your dependency on Him.  You see, God doesn’t  have to relate to you.  There is no rule that says He has to get personal with you or make you aware of who He is.  Certainly God delights in reaching out to you and inviting you to know Him, but that’s His voluntary choice, and you shouldn’t be taking His choice for granted.  Continue reading

Songs that God Hates: Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place


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Human beings were brought into existence by three glorious non-human Beings: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Though these three magnificent Gods could have just ditched us to fend for ourselves while They moved on to some more interesting project, that’s not how They operate.  They not only stay with us, They are intimately involved in every detail of our lives.  Not only are They involved, They are intentionally leading each one of us through a series of experiences which have been specifically designed to help us thrive in our own existence—and that means experiences which motivate us to seek and please the Ones who made us.  The bottom line is this: our Creators choose to cherish humans.  They certainly don’t have to, but They do anyway.  Why?  Because They are the sort of Beings who delight in creating half specks like us, and then nurturing those little half specks along.  Our Gods actually care about how we humans are experiencing our own existence.  They care so much that They’re willing to constantly fuss over us, talk to us, and graciously deal with all of our shenanigans just so we can eventually get over ourselves enough to actually cooperate with Their maturity program.  The Creators of all things are truly amazing Beings.  They are accountable to no one, They can do anything They want, yet They choose to delight in being, well, good.  Continue reading

Worship Songs from Satan: Fall Afresh


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If I peel a label off of a ketchup bottle and paste it onto a mustard bottle, does the mustard inside the bottle change to match its label? If you ask for some ketchup to dip your fries in, and I hand you the mislabeled bottle of mustard, what are you going to get on your plate? A bunch of mustard, not ketchup. You see, changing the label doesn’t change what’s actually inside the bottle. And what’s inside the bottle is what’s going to come out on your plate when you give that bottle a squeeze.

Today in the Church, Christians have become very good at slapping the label “worship song” onto sets of lyrics that are extremely offensive to God. Then we all pretend that the nice label makes everything alright. Well no, it doesn’t. Insulting lyrics are insulting lyrics, and God’s offense is only increased when we stand around claiming to be honoring Him while we fling insults put to music at Him. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a widespread song in Christendom which aggressively goes after one particular Individual: the magnificent Holy Spirit. Continue reading