Offensive Worship Songs: THE MOUNTAIN by Ben Cantelon


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Here’s a question that would be useful for you to ponder: what is your purpose in worshiping Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? What’s your point?  What’s your goal?  Are you praising Them just for the sake of pleasing Them or are you trying to coax Them into performing for you?  Is it about Them feeling good or you being entertained?  If it’s really about Them, then you’re going to have to part ways with most of the rot that Christendom calls “worship music” because you’ll realize that there’s nothing worshipful about most of the songs you’re being prodded into singing at church.

Your Creators don’t enjoy you rejecting the truths They have taught you.  They don’t find it pleasing when you gush over one of Them in a way that ends up insulting the other Two.  They don’t like it when you recycle a bunch of superstitious idiocy and demeaning language that you picked up from dingdongs in the Bible.  You’re not an ancient Jew living in the days when the Temple stood on a mountain in Jerusalem.  The Temple has been gone for a very long time now, and that’s a good thing.  Yet when you sing Ben Cantelon’s song The Mountain, suddenly you’re calling on Yahweh to lead you up that sacred hill of Mount Zion to meet with Him where His Presence dwells in the Holy of Holies because…well, apparently you’re some kind of ancient Jewish wannabe.  Continue reading

Problematic Worship Songs: THIS I BELIEVE (The Creed) by Hillsong


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In an attempt to steer souls away from lies and to educate them about what the most essential doctrines of Christianity are, human leaders in the early Church got together and invented a set of creeds which could be passed down from generation to generation.  Some of those creeds became forgotten over time, but the Apostles’ Creed  became extremely popular.  Making a song out of something is a good way to remember it, and over the years, different Christian songwriters have taken a stab at turning the main sentiments of the Apostles’ Creed  into a set of catchy lyrics.  Of course adjustments get made here and there, and songwriters sometimes tack on some extra concepts that the original creed doesn’t cover.  But the point is that all of these songs are trying to answer the question: “What does a true Christian believe?”  Continue reading

Bossing God to Music: YOU SAID by Hillsong


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Written by Hillsong’s own Reuben Morgan, the worship song You Said teaches you to interpret certain statements from the Bible as promises from God to you.  Is Morgan teaching you correctly or is he just leading you down the usual path of greed-driven misapplication by encouraging you to tell God that He’s obligated to fulfill certain promises to you?  Well, we’re writing a review of this song: there’s your first clue.  We don’t plug people or products.  But we do use bad songs to teach you how to improve the way that you treat your three glorious Creators.  So let’s now get into Morgan’s Bible-based bomb and see what useful lessons we can glean. Continue reading

Offensive Worship Songs: SHOUT by Tomlin, Redman & Reeves


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It’s time to take down another worship song.  But why do we write these kinds of articles?  What’s our purpose in ripping apart some of Christendom’s favorite songs?  Our purpose is to help you improve the way you treat Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  You see, just throwing any random guff into Their faces without any regard for Their feelings is an unacceptable way for you to treat the Creators and Sustainers of all things.  Our Gods demand respect from us. Yes, you can be honest and respectful at the same time.  But the Church teaches you to do neither of these things by encouraging you to just join the hyped up throng in singing any lyrics that the worship leaders slaps up onto a screen.  Well, no.  Would you shove your friend onto the ground just because some other human was urging you to? Would you kick your spouse just so you could fit in with the other spouse abusers in your neighborhood?  Why are you letting other humans dictate the way you treat your Gods?

Your relationship with your Creators is a private, personal thing.  When you talk to Them, you should be saying stuff that you really mean, and you’re not going to really mean words that you aren’t even thinking about.  This is why we occasionally write articles in which we rip apart the lyrics of Christian worship songs and show what God-bashing garbage they really are.  Certainly there are a lot of good songs out there, but there’s also a lot of irreverent rot.  Treating God with respect means you take the time to pick the diamonds out of the garbage heap and you only bring the diamonds to God.  After all, you’re supposed to be worshiping Him, not just exercising your vocal cords. Continue reading

Offensive Worship Songs: What If His People Prayed


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Brought to us by the prolific songwriters Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman and performed by the group Casting Crowns, What If His People Prayed is a worship song that is based off of that famously abused passage of Scripture from 2 Chronicles 7:

“…if My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chron. 7:14)

We like to quote Verse 14 as a stand-alone thought, but this statement is actually part of a much longer speech which Yahweh gave to King Solomon. In 2 Chronicles 6, Solomon prays a very long and very bad prayer in which he demonstrates a total lack of trust in God’s good Character.  In fact, Solomon’s constant pleas for Yahweh to even hear his words made it clear that the king didn’t believe Yahweh was the kind of God who bothered to pay much mind to His own creations.  In 2 Chronicles 7, Yahweh speaks directly to Solomon and addresses several of the fears that the king had brought up in his long prayer.  In Verse 14, we find Yahweh assuring Solomon that He does not ignore people when they are talking to Him, and that He really doesn’t ignore sincere repentance.  Solomon thought Yahweh did both of these things quite regularly, because Solomon had a very poor understanding of who Yahweh is.  So Yahweh corrects him.  It’s nice for Solomon, but hardly a promise for modern day believers (see 2 Chronicles 6-7: Why We Shouldn’t Ask God to Heal Our Land). Continue reading

Offensive Worship Songs: Days of Elijah


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Peppering worship songs with references to Scripture is a very popular tradition with Christians. Quoting the Bible makes us feel, well, more Christian.  Even if we’re quoting it wrong, we still like doing it.  It doesn’t matter if what we’re quoting is utterly irrelevant to our lives, our place in history, and, well, Christianity.  We’re being biblical, darn it, and that must put a smile on God’s face, right?  Wrong.  God doesn’t appreciate us slapping the “worship” label on a bunch of idiotic yammering, and this is all we find in the utterly absurd song Days of Elijah.  Its composer, Robin Mark, writes in his blog that he’s gotten a lot of questions regarding the meaning of his lyrics since he penned this bomb back in 1994.  Well, there’s no surprise there since the song makes no sense—especially for New Covenant believers.  Mark’s very long explanation of his lyrics does little to clarify.  Essentially he claims to have written a song of hope which anticipates the coming of Christ.  Of course he claims that the Holy Spirit inspired him to write it. Well, no, the Holy Spirit knows His Scriptures far too well to put this mess together. For the sake of getting better at actually thinking about what we’re singing to our Gods, let’s now go through the lyrics of this song line by line and see what we can make of them. Continue reading

Offensive Worship Songs: LORD, LET YOUR GLORY FALL by Matt Redman


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It is a historical fact that the nation of Israel has always treated Yahweh like garbage (and she continues to do so today).  After reading through the Old and New Testaments, we cannot possibly come to a different conclusion, for in those pages, we find both Jesus and Yahweh stating in some very strong terms how abominably Their “chosen people” have treated Them from the beginning.  Of course the Church today tries to deny the truth of this.  Not only does she deny it, she goes to the other extreme of exalting Israel as being spiritually superior to everyone else, thus you are taught to feel like a lesser Christian in God’s eyes if you don’t happen to be an ethnic Jew (see More Lies from Paul: God Loves Jews More Than Gentiles).  Such is the idiocy of the Church, and as she encourages us all to fawn over Israel and treasure all things Jewish, she acts as if the feelings of our Gods are totally irrelevant.  Well, this is pure rot, and we certainly don’t want to follow the Church’s horrible example of exalting hardcore rebellion as a wonderful thing.  Continue reading