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Sacrificial Giving: Why You Should Be Glad That It’s Not Working For You


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When Christians talk about sacrificial giving, they are referring to a doctrine or teaching about God which is 100% wrong.  Simply put, the doctrine is that we can control God with money.  If you want God to bless you, just pay Him by dropping money into the offering plate at your church.  The more you give, the more you’ll get in return.  Sacrificial giving is promoted as a kind of magic investment system in which you can get God to turn your cash into other forms of blessing, such as a spouse, a fancy car, or a big house.  This system appeals to all human beings for two key reasons. First, it says that we can get a God of infinite powers to do our bidding.  Second, it says that we can make all of our carnal dreams come true in this life if we just do a little upfront sacrificing.  But because we’re guaranteed to always get back more than we give, it feels like a risk free investment.  Unsurprisingly, sacrificial giving is enormously popular among Christians, and it also has a strong appeal to unbelievers who figure they can’t go wrong taking a shot at bribing God. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: Joyce Meyer Explains the Bible’s Power to Heal


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Getting good at spiritual discernment comes down to three basic principles. First, you need to understand that truth comes from God, not people. Second, you need to realize that God is your Shepherd in life—He’s not just the Shepherd of everyone else. This means that you can count on God to lead you personally. You’re not strung out on human shepherds to lead you—you have God. Understanding these first two principles will set you up with the confidence you need to apply the third critical principle which is to question everything. Don’t just believe what we tell you and don’t just believe what anyone else tells you. Don’t just believe what some guy wrote in the Bible. We’re humans. The other folks who are talking to you about God are also humans. All those guys who contributed to the Bible were humans. Does truth come from humans? No, it comes from God. Now does God speak through humans? Absolutely, but not always. Plenty of times He lets demons speak through humans or He lets humans simply say their own foolish thoughts. You don’t want to listen to a bunch of guff, you want truth. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: Victoria Osteen Advises Christian Parents


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Within the realm of Christendom, you are being bombarded on all sides with facts about who God is, how He operates, and how He responds to you. A lot of those facts are wrong. As a Christian, you need to be on your guard. When you accept lies as truth, you’re the one who is hurt by them, not the folks who led you astray.

Now if you’ve got some decent people skills and a basic understanding of human psychology, it’s a very simple thing to get rich off of Christians. Most Christians have a poor understanding of the Bible, yet at the same time, they think it’s some kind of magical contract which God is bound to honor. This puts manipulative shepherds in a sweet spot. All they have to do is start slicing and dicing passages and they can get Christians to believe all kinds of lies about God. This is a very common strategy for lying leaders in the Church: they refer to Scripture to build up their credibility in your mind, and they count on the fact that you won’t question them. Now questioning the leaders themselves is a waste of time, but you should certainly be questioning what they’re telling you in your own heart and looking to God for wisdom. Unfortunately, most Christians don’t do this. That’s how we get guys like Joel Osteen, the senior pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Read more of this post

Soul Before Earthsuit: Understanding God’s Priorities


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If God was really pleased with you, you’d be happy, healthy, and financially well off. This is a very common belief among both Christians and non-Christians. It’s an absolute lie, yet it’s also an extremely popular idea and one which is aggressively promoted by many very successful Christian leaders. Whenever we find a lie being promoted by folks who know better, it is because they have found a way to profit by doing so.

Prosperity theology—a system of beliefs which is built on the assumption that God wants us to have happy, carefree lives on earth—is a huge moneymaker. It’s rather like teaching Christians that God commands them to tithe: the folks who teach the lie make bank while the people who sincerely believe in the lie end up in a world of hurt. Unfortunately, many of our leaders in the Church today couldn’t care less about how many souls they trash on the way to lining their own pockets. As an individual Christian, you’re just one more chump who they might be able to make some money off of. If you prove to be reasonably easy to manipulate, they’ll spend effort messing with you. If you aren’t, they’ll kick you aside and find someone else. Welcome to the world of false shepherds in the Church: it’s a merciless scene in which there is no real concern for human souls. This is why it’s so important that you not put your trust in human beings to guide you in life. God Himself must be your Guide, because He is the only One you can really trust. But before you are going to develop strong trust in God, you need to grasp that He is for you in life, and before you can understand what that means, you need to learn a few things about how God operates. Read more of this post

All About Tithing


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Today in the Church, guilt, fear, and greed are the main reasons why Christians are tithing.  Guilt comes from thinking you’re disobeying a command from God which He never gave you.  Fear comes from thinking God might throw you into Hell if you don’t give enough money to the Church.  Greed is about trying to guilt God into blessing you by throwing lots of money into the offering plate.  Guilt, fear, and greed: these are the popular reasons to tithe, but they’re all wrong reasons, and in this post, we’ll learn why.

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Prayer Warriors: Disrespecting God & Proud of It


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How much do you care about God’s feelings? If you are treating Him in a way that He finds insulting and exasperating, do you care enough to listen and make changes or are you just going to tell Him to stuff it? Any yahoo can call himself a Christian and claim to love God. Talk is cheap. If you really love God, you’ll care about treating Him right. You’d want to know if you were annoying Him. If you were making wrong assumptions about Him, you’d want Him to tell you. If you were disrespecting Him, you’d want Him to show you and then you’d be anxious for Him to help you do better. Serious Christians show sincere concern for God’s feelings. The rest of you blowhards just talk a good story while you really don’t give a flip about God’s feelings or preferences.

Today in the Church, serious Christians are a relatively rare event. How do we know this? Because serious Christians show sincere concern for God’s feelings. If the Church had a plethora of serious Christians in her midst, she would never have invented the prayer warrior package, because this is a mentality which grossly insults God from beginning to end. God hates the entire concept of a prayer warrior. He hates the pompous title, and He hates how we treat Him when we attach that title to ourselves. If you’re a serious Christian and you’ve never been exposed to God’s view of prayer warriors, you’re going to find it alarming that God has such strong negative feelings towards something that is so ragingly popular in the Church today. You’re also going to want to make darn sure that you aren’t practicing the warrior mindset in any area of your own life.  But if you’re a rebellious Christian, you’re going to show no concern for God’s feelings and go right on treating prayer as a means of self-promotion and a vehicle through which you can show us all what an irreverent little twerp you are. So what kind of Christian are you? Read more of this post

The Power of a Righteous Man’s Prayer


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The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (Jam. 5:16)

What makes this verse such a favorite among Christians? The wording. Notice the reference to power: that always perks the ears of our little egos. And then notice who is wielding that power: a human being, not God. And here is where we should be slamming on the brakes and saying, “Wait a minute—something’s wrong. Humans don’t have power.” But this is not what we say, is it?

Humans don’t have power. Humans aren’t potent little sorcerers who can go around zapping God into action with their universe altering utterances. So whenever someone starts trying to pump you up about YOUR power, you need to look to the Holy Spirit for help. Whether that person is a dead apostle like James or a living leader in the Church today, anyone who tries to make you view YOURSELF as a powerful entity is leading you astray. GOD has power, and He doesn’t take orders from you. Read more of this post

Deliverance Ministries: Scamming You in the Name of Jesus


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If I want to make a name for myself in this world, I need to impress people. If I impress them, they’ll pay me, worship me, follow me, and hang on my every word. As soon as I impress them enough, I can write a book. No matter what I say in that book, all of my fans will buy it. Cha-ching, hear the sound of money pouring into my bank account. I can hold conferences and charge people to attend. I can set up institutes and charge people to take courses. If I pick the right field, I can make a boatload of money at a very young age even if I have the IQ of a tomato. I don’t really have to be an expert in any particular field or have any formal education. I just have to pick a field where no real expertise is required—a field which relies entirely on the manipulation of vulnerable people. Deliverance ministries, for example. Now there’s a great way to get rich quick. Read more of this post

Debunking Soul Ties & Soul Fragmentation


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God’s truth is gloriously simple. The way He works with us is so gracious and reasonable. But apparently Christians find His truth too simple and His methods too gracious and reasonable. They get bored. They look over at what the witches and warlocks are doing and they get jealous. Magic potions? How come we don’t get to have any of that? Someone cooks up some holy water—ha, now we have potions, too. Family curses? How come we don’t get to have any of those? Someone comes up with the theory of generational curses and now we get to play magic games, too. You see, God tells us that when He has a problem with us, He’ll tell us very clearly through internal conviction. He won’t leave us bumbling around in fear. He won’t start beating on us without explanation. God is so gracious and kind and good. But we’re the little brats who can’t appreciate how good our Father is so we have to go next door and play with His enemies. We prefer the company of demons over God. We like getting all worked up on their horror stories. We like the way they knock us onto the ground and make us convulse during our slaying sessions. We want to believe in dark magic. We want to think we have the power to curse and cure ourselves. We don’t like this bit about God getting to control everything. WE want to control something. We like to imitate the psychics by wandering through a house “sensing” for dark vibes in the atmosphere using our powerful gift of discernment. We think we’re cool when we have a dramatic demonic encounter. The warlocks have names for their spirits, well so do we. In fact, we even map the strongholds of demons and we imagine them falling down as we sit in a circle at church praying our powerful prayers. The warlocks boast about their magical prowess, well so do we. We’re prayer warriors and prophetic intercessors. We can do everything they do. We aren’t going to be left out. Read more of this post

Asking God for Money


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In this world, money is revered as a god. We’re taught to believe that money has the power to make our lives more comfortable and give us access to health, fame, power, and friends. And once we have all of these things, how can we not be satisfied?

Once we buy into the lie that money is the magic solution to all of our problems, of course we will want more of it, and in the Church you will find many teachers and preachers encouraging you to make money your god. Of course they won’t put it to you this way, but this is their bottom line, for once we’re willing to dishonor the real God in order to squeeze more money out of Him, it’s quite clear where our priorities lie. Many Christians love money more than they love God, and they were guided into that position by shepherds who claimed to be teaching them how to apply biblical promises. We don’t want this to happen to you, so we are going to teach you how to pray about the subject of money with the right attitude. Read more of this post