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Finding a Church That Teaches What We Teach: Why It Can’t Be Done

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The Pursuit of God website is loaded with theological material that many Christians find to be very offensive and heretical.  But there are some folks out there who read our articles and start feeling convicted that the stuff we’re teaching is actually true.  Now and then someone from that second group asks us if we can recommend a church that they can go to which will teach the things we teach.  So can we?  No, because no such church exists.  You are not going to find any Christian church anywhere that teaches what we teach.  We’re now going to explain why.

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Idolatrous Worship Songs: HOUSE OF THE LORD by Jeff Pardo


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Honesty is a critical part of spiritual growth.  You can’t get closer to God by lying to yourself or Him, and yet when we’re so used to giving the answers that we think we’re supposed to be giving, it often takes effort to dig down and think about what our honest answer to a question really is.  The question we’re about to ask you is one that you need to give serious thought to, because your honest answer to this question is having a profound impact on how you perceive your personal dynamic with God.  So here it is: Do you think that God makes Himself more available to you when you are physically standing in a church or in a crowd of other believers?  Don’t just throw out a quick answer.  Really think about it.  Read more of this post

Understanding Systems of Belief: Doctrines, Theologies, Denominations & Religions


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When Christian leaders and teachers throw around big words like doctrine, theology, and heresy, they can sound both smart and intimidating if you don’t personally understand what those terms mean. Since we don’t want you to feel intimidated by us or by any other human teachers, we’re now going to explain what these big words mean so that the next time you hear them, they’ll make sense to you. Read more of this post

Church Burnout: Guidance for Frustrated Christians


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The Church today is overrun by Christians who are getting their emotional needs met under the guise of “serving God.” Instead of being led by the Holy Spirit, they are being led by other humans and their own egos, which of course leads to many problems. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your brothers and sisters are far more interested in socializing during small group sessions than in really chewing on spiritual meat. If you’re serious about advancing in the faith, it’s only natural that you find this exasperating to be around, just as a student who is seriously interested in getting educated will find it annoying to be stuck with a teacher who doesn’t want to teach.

In the Church, many Christians aren’t interested in learning or growing with God. They just come for the emotional perks.  And then there’s always a percentage of them who aren’t really saved at all, but merely playing the role of tares among the wheat. As a serious Christian, how should you respond to such a frustrating environment? Unfortunately, there is no local club you can attend where only dedicated Christians congregate. Our church leaders are supposed to be dedicated, yet many feel a strong need to be cool and this results in them continuously ignoring the Lord’s convictions. What you need to be aware of is your own attitude, for when it starts becoming bitter, action needs to be taken. Read more of this post

Hating the Bride of Christ: Help for Christians who are Disgusted with the Church


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Here’s an inconvenient truth: the more serious you are about God, the more the Church is going to get on your nerves. Now for those of you who are bristling at that statement because you are currently loving your church, remember that we’re all at different points in the journey. If you’re feeling like you’re right where God wants you and things are going great, then you’re obviously not struggling with the issues we’re going to be addressing in this post. Sometimes it’s useful to listen to advice that’s meant for someone else, sometimes it’s not.  You make the call.

Now for those of you who are currently dealing with some hardcore feelings of bitter disgust and hatred towards the infamous Bride of Christ, we want to give you some things to chew on with the Holy Spirit. Every time you find yourself feeling stressed, there’s an opportunity for growth, and slogging through the kind of disillusionment you’re dealing with is a major stress. Read more of this post

Encouraging Christians in a Way that Honors God


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Read What is humility? to understand the kind of humility we are talking about in this post.

When we have God’s definition of humility, we detest seeing anyone but God get the glory for the things that He has done, which is everything. Godly humility always comes paired with a sincere devotion to God and a deep concern for pleasing Him. Humble Christians know that they are not God’s indispensable assistants who He can’t work without. They are merely His servants and they view serving Him as a great privilege. Read more of this post

Fellowship In Perspective

Fellowship In Perspective

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We claim that the purpose of fellowshipping with other Christians is to strengthen our personal walks with God. Yet in practice, we use the act of fellowshipping to increase our sense of dependency on other Christians. In the Church today, you will be bombarded with the message that it is spiritually dangerous for you to not fellowship with other Christians on a regular basis. This is total rubbish. You only get into spiritual danger when you are depending on something other than God to keep you on the right path. Plenty of fellowshipping Christians are relying on each other way more than they are relying on the Holy Spirit. This is why they end up leading each other astray down an ego petting path of carnality until they’re up to their necks in a stagnating cesspool of self-glorifying compliments. “Wow, I could never make it without my sisters in Christ. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this church to come to every week. Just knowing I have my brothers in the Lord to keep me accountable brings me peace in life.” These kinds of comments are all flowery ways of saying, “Holy Spirit, You are utterly useless to me. I can’t count on You for anything.” Does He find this insulting? Yes, He does. Read more of this post

Choosing a Church: Which Denomination is Best?

Choosing a Church: Which Denomination is Best?

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God’s Church, aka the Bride of Christ, is a fractured mess. She looks like a crystal figurine that someone has taken a hammer to. We Christians have split into so many denominations that we can’t keep track of them all. Of course every time a new branch of the family tree is formed, there will be those who say that division was necessary in order to protect essential doctrines. We have bickered and split over every subject there is: baptism, Communion, faith, works, tongues, miraculous healings, ministry, worship. We get our noses bent out of joint over the most ridiculous issues: Should we use instruments or worship with just our voices? What kind of songs should we sing? How long should the sermons be? Can women preach? Should we use juice or wine for Communion? Should dancing be allowed? Does God still heal? Should we greet one another with a holy kiss? The list is endless. Today you will not be able to find any branch of the Christian family that doesn’t have its share of petty attitudes and flawed teaching. There is no perfect denomination. So how do you decide where to go? Read more of this post