Understanding Verbal Blessing & Cursing: So Much Hype, So Little Power


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In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the human practice of verbally blessing and cursing other humans.


There are two main ways that humans view blessing and cursing.  For non-serious users, the phrase “Bless you!” is the same as saying “Thank you!” or “I like you!” or “Wow, you seem like such a nice person that I hope things go well for you in the future.”  Alternately, to say “Curse you!” is a way of saying “I hate you!” or “You’re such a jerk!” or “I hope rotten things happen to you because you’ve upset me!”  For non-serious users, blessing and cursing people or objects is just a way of expressing personal joy or anger. Continue reading

Rethinking Your Christian Rituals


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Fasting. Tithing. Signing the cross. Kneeling when you pray. Honoring a Sabbath day.  Daily devotions. Kissing pictures of Jesus.  Bowing before crosses.  Taking vows of silence.  Taking vows of celibacy.  Prayer retreats.  Setting up prayer closets.  Memorizing verses.  Attending church.  Taking Communion. Using formal language when you pray.  Hanging crosses on your wall and around your neck.  Going to confession.  Praying the rosary.  Praying with other believers.  Dressing your best on Sunday morning.  Attending Bible study.  Doing community service.  Witnessing.  Getting Jesus tattoos.  Putting a fish on your car.  What is the purpose of doing these things?  What does Christianity mean to you?  Why are you engaging in Christian rituals?  Whose benefit are you doing these things for? Continue reading

Christian Prayer Groups: Why God Isn’t a Fan


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Social bonding is an important element of any human relationship. To form positive relationships with each other, we need to spend time talking together and sharing our different perspectives. The experience of feeling listened to and empathized with is so intensely positive and uplifting to the soul that we are willing to pay counselors to provide this service for us. But it’s much better when we can find people who are willing to listen to us and care about us free of charge, and this is what makes Christian prayer groups so very popular. Continue reading

The Laying On of Hands


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Does God need someone to touch you before He can help you? Of course not, He’s God. So what’s this business about laying on of hands? Well, this is one of those things like fasting that we pick up from things we read about in the Bible. We pick it up and then we won’t let it go, because we think we’ve found a way to manipulate God. Continue reading

What’s holy about holy water? (Understanding Labels in the Church)


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Let’s play a game. If you do everything I say, I’ll give you a million dollars. If you don’t, I’ll kill you. This is a game with high stakes.

Now the game starts with me sitting in a tent that I’ve put up. That tent is special. Why? Because I said so. In this game, I define what special is. Now I want you to bring me special gifts. Outside of my tent there’s a picnic table with ordinary things on it: bowls, cups, cooking utensils, water, food, etc.. I want you to bring me some of those things. You see, the way this game works, you have to bring me something special every 30 minutes. I won’t take just an ordinary object, it has to be special.

So what makes an object special? Well, if you hop up and down on your right leg ten times in a row and then you touch one of the items on that picnic table, that thing will become special. But you can only make one thing special at a time, so you’ll have to do a lot of hopping. The first thing I want you to bring me is a special cup. That means you have to hop up and down on your right leg ten times, touch a cup to make it special, then bring it to me in my special tent. Now you’d better not try to cut any corners because I’m watching you. If you get tired and decide to skip the leg hopping step and just bring an ordinary object into my special tent, I will shoot you. I have a gun in my tent and I won’t allow anything ordinary to come in here. I’m special, my tent is special, and everything you bring to me had better meet with my definition of special. So get hopping.

In this little game of ours, what determined whether something was special or ordinary? You going through some silly ritual. Did the physical properties of the objects that you made “special” ever change? Not at all. When you hopped up and down and then touched a cup, it was still just a cup. I was the only reason the cup was considered “special”, because I had made up these silly rules. This whole game is nothing more than me making you go through a bunch of meaningless motions just because I said so. It’s just a means of me bossing you around. I don’t really need you to bring me things in my tent, I just want to see you submitting to my authority. What’s your motivation for bothering to play such a strange game? In fact, why should you bother with doing anything that I say? Because if you don’t, I will kill you. Continue reading

All About Fasting

All About Fasting

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There’s nothing holy about having an empty stomach. God designed human beings to be dependent on food. Not only do we need to eat, we need to eat on a regular basis. To encourage us to do this, God has equipped our bodies with many ways of complaining if we go too long without refueling them. Painful hunger cramps, salivating mouths, headaches, head rushes, weakness—these are just some of the ways our bodies shout at us for more food.

So then, how well can you concentrate when someone is shouting at you? Does it make sense that we teach people that praying—an activity which requires concentration—is somehow enhanced if we do it while fasting? Not at all. For a small minority of us, fasting will prove to be a strange plus that actually helps us concentrate better. But for most of us, it will only be a major detriment. So if fasting sounds like a bad idea to you, then that’s because it is. Eat with a clear conscience. God does not find you spiritually deficient because you are doing what He designed you to do. Continue reading

Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues


Have you ever spoken in tongues? If not, you could be one of many Christians who fear they might not really be saved because they’ve never heard strange utterances coming out of their mouths. With quite a bit of help from leaders in the Church, Satan has turned tongues into some kind of litmus test that we can use to identify the truly spiritual among us. In this post, we’ll learn about what the gift of tongues is, how God uses it today, and why you have nothing to worry about if you never speak a strange word in your life. Continue reading