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God’s Old Covenant Laws: The Redemption of the Firstborn


Are you the firstborn male in your family?  If so, then back in Moses’ day, you would technically be considered the property of God.  It all started with that final plague in Egypt when God killed all of the firstborn children in Egypt (including the firstborn of all their animals).  Even though the Israelites spread blood over their doorways to make God’s plague pass them by, He still took possession of the firstborn as an offering to Himself—a fact He now emphasizes in Numbers 3.

“When you were in Egypt, I killed all the firstborn children of the Egyptians and took all the firstborn of Israel to be Mine, both animals and children. They are Mine. I am Yahweh.” (Num. 3:13)

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Cities of Refuge (Joshua 20)


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In Joshua 20, we find Yahweh discussing an interesting element of the judicial system that He set up for the Israelites.  Levites were His designated priestly mediators, and they were set apart by Him to have extra close communication with Him.  Because God was supposed to be the Levites’ inheritance, they didn’t get their own state in the Promised Land like the other twelve tribes.  Instead, each tribe was instructed to give up some towns in their territories for the Levites to live in.  This meant the Levites were spread throughout the land, with some dwelling among each tribe.  Of those Levite towns, six were to be designated as “cities of refuge” (see Num. 35:6-8).  These were places for people to run to after they accidentally killed someone.  How thorough of God to set a system in place for this particular dilemma.  It doesn’t come up all the time, but when it does, it’s a major problem. Read more of this post

Does God Love Women Less?


It’s not hard to find passages of Scripture to support the idea that God views women like objects. The ancient Jewish culture obviously favored the male gender and when God handed Moses His Laws in the wilderness, He could have done something to balance the scales. Instead we see women being declared unclean and driven out of the camp every time they menstruate as if they’ve committed some kind of crime. Who came up with the idea of making women bleed every month in the first place? God. Who then declared that periods should be viewed as filthy and a reason to temporarily exile women from the main community? God. Thanks for loving on us. Read more of this post