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Judaism, Christianity & Biblical Commands: Sorting Out the Confusion


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The modern Christian Bible is filled with commandments, instructions, and guidelines—many of which are not applicable to Christians.  So before you pin up a copy of the Ten Commandments or start stressing over some rule that you find God laying down in Scriptures, you need to understand some basic facts about Bible commands.  So let’s get into it. Read more of this post

Law vs. Principle Charts: The Sabbath Day


Under the Old Covenant, Yahweh commanded His followers to treat the last day of every week as a day of rest or Sabbath.  Let’s now learn about the spiritual principles that were being promoted by the Sabbath laws, how the Jews responded to those laws, and what we should be learning from them as modern day Christians. (Click on each image to enlarge.) Read more of this post

Law vs. Principle Charts: Tithing


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In the Church today, you never hear the truth about how the Old Covenant tithing system worked.  Instead, you’re constantly lied to about what God teaches on the subject while Christian leaders shamelessly profit off of your ignorance.  Let’s now sort out the mess by learning some basics about how tithing worked in the Old Testament, what its purpose was, and what role tithing should play in your life today. (Click on each image to enlarge.) Read more of this post

Law vs. Principle Charts: Atonement Sacrifices


The Old Covenant sacrificial system is very poorly understood by Christians, and this leads to a lot of confusion about how God judges us, and how salvation is acquired.  Let’s now learn about the difference between what the laws that God gives, and the spiritual principles that those laws are promoting. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

Law vs. Principle Chart: Atonement Sacrifices (OT)

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Applying the Ten Commandments: Guidance for Christians


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Christians have a bizarre tradition of clinging to the Ten Commandments as if they are the only commandments Yahweh ever gave.  Then we pretend that God was talking to us when He gave these commands—which He wasn’t—and we go on to preach that God is still demanding that Christians obey all of these commands today.  Well, this is an epic misunderstanding, for do you know what would happen to you if you really put heart and soul into obeying the Ten Commandments to the letter?  You’d end up in Hell.  Why?  Because you’d refuse to worship Jesus or the Holy Spirit as the Almighty Gods that They are.  Do you want to end up in Hell?  Of course you don’t, and that means it’s time to take off the blinders and give some serious thought as to which of these commands are still applicable under the New Covenant. Read more of this post

Beyond Atonement: Understanding the True Purpose of the Cross


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Because the Church as a whole downplays the Old Testament—so much so that we often throw it out altogether and publish the New Testament alone—Christians have ended up with a very warped view of the cross. When it comes to answering the question “Why did Jesus die on the cross for our sins?”, the common answer is “Because He loved us.” Well, this answer simply doesn’t work. You see, Jesus has always loved us and as God Almighty, Jesus has been around forever. So why did He all of a sudden decide to show up on earth in human form and go through the whole crucifixion event? Read more of this post

Intercession: Exposing the Lies


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Like tithing, intercession is one of those topics in the Church which a majority of teachers are teaching you wrong about. It’s a big problem when your shepherds lie to you, because lies end up creating problems in your personal relationship with God. Bad teaching about tithing inspires Christians to disrespect God and/or fear that His acceptance of them is not something they can count on. Bad teaching about intercession does major damage as well. Read more of this post

The Trinity Doctrine: Is it an obstacle to salvation?


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Under the Old Covenant, salvation was obtained through sufficient submission to one God: Yahweh. Under the Old Covenant, if you worshiped any god other than Yahweh, you would be rejected by Him. Before the revelation of Christ, Yahweh demanded that His followers practice monotheism (the belief in only one God). Read more of this post

An Introduction to the Gods of the Bible



When you’re just getting started in Christianity, or when you’ve been poorly taught by other Christians, the Bible can seem rather confusing. You might have heard that the whole Bible is about Jesus. Well, no, this is utterly ridiculous. The Christian Bible has two Testaments: Old and New. Jesus doesn’t show up until the beginning of the New Testament. The only God who is being referred to throughout the Old Testament is Yahweh, or God the Father.  All of those “Messianic prophecies” you hear about were times when Yahweh would drop hints about a coming Messiah–but no one understood that that Messiah was going to be another God.  At the same time that Yahweh spoke of the Messiah, He insisted that He was the only God in existence–that didn’t leave any room for people to assume that the Messiah would be a Divine Being. Read more of this post

All About Circumcision


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In Genesis 17, Yahweh appeared to 99 year old Abraham and established a covenant with him. What was that covenant about? Yahweh said:

“As for Me, My covenant is with you: you will become the father of many nations. Your name will no longer be Abram, but your name will be Abraham, for I will make you the father of many nations. I will make you extremely fruitful and will make nations and kings come from you. I will keep My covenant between Me and you, and your future offspring throughout their generations, as an everlasting covenant to be your God and the God of your offspring after you. And to you and your future offspring I will give the land where you are residing—all the land of Canaan—as an eternal possession, and I will be their God.” (Gen. 17:4-8)

Here God is promising childless Abraham (who is still going by the name Abram) that he’s going to have many descendants. In other words, Abraham’s family line will continue on and on—it won’t be some flash in the pan that disappears from the history books after a few generations. Notice how God promises Abraham will end up the father of both nations (signifying great numbers) and kings (signifying importance). So Abraham’s descendants aren’t going to just be a bunch of nobodies—some great men will come from his line. Of course Abraham will be long dead before any of this happens, but in Abraham’s culture, it’s extremely comforting to think that your family line is going to continue long and strong. So God is putting out promises that have a very positive psychological impact on Abraham. Read more of this post