Ezekiel 19: Yahweh Laments Two Lions & A Vine


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When people think of Old Testament prophecy, they often think of Yahweh predicting the coming of Christ.  And yet Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament are far outnumbered by political prophecies—ones in which Yahweh is predicting how individual nations and politicians will do in the future.  Will they thrive or tank?  Will they conquer or be conquered?  Will they be exalted among their fellow humans or utterly humiliated? Continue reading

Parables of Yahweh: The Valley of Dry Bones


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Jesus has become famous for His parables. Yahweh, not so much. This just shows how foolish we Christians can be, for Yahweh is not only a Master of metaphors, but He also likes to present His parables in 3D. Jesus just spoke His parables, but Yahweh presented His in a wide variety of forms. To many of His prophets, He presented His parables through vivid visions and hands on experiences that made them totally unforgettable. Once you experienced one of Yahweh’s parables, it was permanently lodged in your mind. Continue reading

Metaphors from Yahweh: Rebellious Underwear (Jeremiah 13)


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Christians like to pretend that their Gods are classy, polite, and delicate in speech.  They get quite offended at the suggestion that their Gods can be quite crude and rude.  Well, this is what happens when we try to view the Bible as our God controlling book of incantations instead of viewing it as the educational tool that it is.  There is only one right reason to read the Bible, and that is to know your Gods better.  Of course you can’t get anywhere unless They are willing to work with you as you read, and this is why slogging through daily devotions without Them is an utter waste of time.  But when we wait for Them to prompt us, and then we read, wow.  The biblical records are filled with some very shocking and helpful insights about who our Gods are, how They operate, and just how wild They can be.  Continue reading

Parables of Yahweh: The Good Shepherd Rescues His Flock (Ezekiel 34)


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When you think of parables, who do you think of?  Jesus, of course.  This is because the Church discourages you from reading the Old Testament.  While she highlights Jesus’ words in red ink, she never highlights the words of Yahweh, even though He does far more speaking in the Bible.  What kind of sense does this make?  Are we pleasing Jesus by obsessing over Him while we virtually ignore the glorious Yahweh?  Not hardly.  Our Gods teach us to worship, honor, love, and serve Them all with equal enthusiasm.  Playing favorites is simply unacceptable. We don’t have one great God and two less great Gods.  We have three magnificent, glorious, fabulous Creators and all Three should be getting equal devotion from us.  If you’re not there, ask your Gods to help you get there.

Now when it comes to parables, we should be thinking of Jesus and Yahweh, for They are both Masters of metaphors.  While Jesus is famous for spinning off imagery of sheep and shepherds, centuries before Jesus ever called Himself the Good Shepherd, Yahweh was claiming that role for Himself.  In this post, we’re going to roll back the clock to the days of the prophet Ezekiel and learn about a long parable that Yahweh fires off to address three issues: wicked shepherds, naughty sheep, and His plans to bless souls who are loyal to Him. Continue reading