Understanding the Virgin Birth: Context & Mechanics


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The angel answered and said to Mary, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy Child shall be called the Son of God.” (Luke 1:35)

Whenever our Gods do something miraculous—like causing a virgin woman to become pregnant—humans can be counted on to become so obsessed with trying to understand the mechanics of the miracle that they miss the important lessons.  To avoid getting sidetracked by miracles in your own life, here’s a good rule to go by:

When God does something miraculous, focus on the why, not the how, and ask Him to help you learn everything He wants to teach you from the experience.

If you abide by this rule, you’ll steer clear of all kinds of silliness—such as dickering about exactly how Mary became pregnant.  Continue reading

Know Your Bible Lesson 38: Writing on the Wall


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It’s party time in Babylon. King Nabonidus [nab-o-NIGH-duss] is off on military business and he has left the empire’s capital city under the control of his son Belshazzar [BELL-sha-zar]. Belshazzar is the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar [NEBB-you-cud-NEZZ-er], but unlike his grandfather, he has no respect for Yahweh. Tonight, Belshazzar just wants to have fun, so he throws a huge feast and invites a thousand of his rich friends to join him. When a fresh batch of wine is brought out and Belshazzar tastes it—mmm, that’s good stuff. This calls for some nicer glasses. Aren’t there some fancy gold and silver dishes stored in a room somewhere? Yes, they are the ones that Nebuchadnezzar took out of Yahweh’s Temple in Jerusalem before he burned it down. Well, those will do nicely. Belshazzar gives the order and Yahweh’s sacred dishes are brought out. Continue reading

Know Your Bible Lesson 37: Man Turns Cow

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In a rebellious world where most souls turn away from Him, Yahweh is very interested in protecting what reverence He finds. The problem with His little humans is that whenever Yahweh places them in positions of power, it goes to their heads and they start taking the bows for all the things that Yahweh accomplished through them. Such rebellion can’t be allowed to persist forever, and by now Yahweh has struck down countless rulers in the prime of life because they wouldn’t submit to His Authority. King David of Israel was a refreshing exception: he stayed loyal to the end. Before him there was Moses, Abraham, Job, and Joshua—men who Yahweh could give great power and influence to without them running amuck. But these days the pickings are slim. Israel is a shattered nation, the Jews are mocking Yahweh from the many nations where He scattered them, and it’s hard to find souls who are loyal to Him. Happily, there is Daniel. Daniel is quite a shining star in Yahweh’s eyes, and his devotion is so deep that Yahweh has been able to build him up into quite a powerful figure in the government of the Babylonian Empire. Now Daniel is shining a bright light for Yahweh all throughout Babylon–and especially in the face of King Nebuchadnezzar [NEBB-uh-cud-NEZZ-er]. Continue reading

Know Your Bible Lesson 17: All About Elisha

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In our last lesson, Elijah was taken up to Heaven in one of the most dramatic statements of “you please Me” that God has ever handed out. Getting to skip the entire hassle of death and being whisked straight off to Yahweh’s Presence–wow, what a compliment. It’s fantastic for Elijah, but we can’t help but feel like he left a bit prematurely. After all, he was supposed to anoint a new king of Israel (Jehu [JAY-who]) and a new king of Aram (Hazael [huh-ZAY-el]). But he didn’t. So who’s going to? This is where successors come in handy. Elisha has inherited both of these assignments and he’ll be carrying them out shortly. Continue reading

Revere Yahweh or Die: Lessons Learned when the Philistines Stole the Ark


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In the Bible, all wars were god wars. It wasn’t just who had the most brawn on the battlefield, it was about whose gods were the toughest in the supernatural realms. Everyone understood this. The atheism we promote today would have been considered utterly absurd in those times. No one doubted the existence of gods. The only question was whose gods were the greatest on any given day. Continue reading