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Finding a Church That Teaches What We Teach: Why It Can’t Be Done

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The Pursuit of God website is loaded with theological material that many Christians find to be very offensive and heretical.  But there are some folks out there who read our articles and start feeling convicted that the stuff we’re teaching is actually true.  Now and then someone from that second group asks us if we can recommend a church that they can go to which will teach the things we teach.  So can we?  No, because no such church exists.  You are not going to find any Christian church anywhere that teaches what we teach.  We’re now going to explain why.

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Discernment Essentials: How to Benefit from Harshly Worded Messages


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In this post, we’re going to teach you how to digest harshly worded teaching on spiritual matters without getting dragged down by a bunch of false conviction.  False conviction—which Christians often think of as condemnation—is when you think God is expressing negative feelings towards you when He isn’t.  False conviction comes from demons and the folks they target the most with this particular attack strategy are souls who sincerely care about pleasing God.  Because demons want spiritual rebels to stay rebellious, they give them the opposite of condemnation by constantly encouraging them in their ways.  It’s just the souls who really want to please God who get pounded on with false conviction, and if demons see that you’ve got no defenses in this area, they’ll pound you relentlessly.  Whether you consider yourself an actual Christian or not, if you sincerely want to please the Gods who made you, then you’re going to be a prime target for false conviction, and at some point, you’ll need to learn how to defend yourself from it.  Read more of this post

The Trinity Doctrine: Its Origin & Absurdity


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The Church teaches you to believe in one Triune God–a God who is “three in one.”  And when this confuses you, she tells you to stop trying to figure out the mysteries of God and just go with it because it’s what the Bible teaches.

The Church has been lying to you.  Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are not three separate Personalities of one Divine Being.  They are three separate and distinct Gods.  Now  before you get all upset, you need to take an honest look at your own behavior and realize that while you claim to be a monotheist (someone who believes in just one God), in practice, you’re an obvious polytheist (someone who believes in multiple Gods).  And that’s a good thing, because true Christianity is a polytheistic religion. Read more of this post

What We Teach About the NT Epistles


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If you go to any Christian church (in any Christian denomination), you’ll be taught many things about what the NT writers say.  Much of that teaching will be wrong.  The Church grossly misrepresents what the Bible says, and she doesn’t even come close to teaching you how to properly apply its contents.

When we write articles that are focused on a particular passage of Scripture, our goal is to help you understand what the original author meant.  Some portions of Scripture include a lot of direct messages or quotations from God–especially in the OT prophetic books, the Torah, and the NT Gospels.  But God is not doing any of the talking in the NT epistles.  The NT epistles and the Psalms were written by humans, and many of those humans were not listening to God in their personal lives, thus their teaching is lousy. Read more of this post

Praying for Other People: Why It’s a Bad Idea


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In our material, we teach you not to pray for other people.  This includes praying for God to heal, save, and comfort other people.  Many Christians find such teaching to be quite disturbing.  So what’s the deal?  If we claim to be Christians–which we do–then how can we have a problem with praying for others?  The answer is simple: we care immensely about pleasing God, and once treating God well is your top priority, praying for other people needs to go.  That’s the short answer.  Now we’ll give you the long one. Read more of this post

It’s Biblical: God Talks to People Without Using the Bible


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If you want to know God’s will for your life, then you need to read the Bible.  If you want God to talk to you, then crack open the book because, hello, it’s the Living Word of God.  Every word in the Bible is inerrant and God-breathed, so if you want God breathing on you, you need to part His lips for Him, and that means opening up those sacred Scriptures.  If you don’t do this—if you slack off and don’t read the Word every single day of your life—then how do you expect God to take your interest in Him seriously?  You’re obviously not serious if you aren’t doing those daily devotions. Read more of this post

Biblical Backup: Why does it matter?


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Of all of the gods being talked about, worshiped, and defended in this world, only three of them are real: Yahweh, Jesus and the magnificent Holy Spirit.  It was these three glorious, uncreated Beings who brought everything that is into existence.  It is these three Beings who we humans are totally dependent on, and it is these three Beings who we will be judged by.

Now if you want to be an idiot, you totally ignore whatever the real Gods tell you and you end up eternally paying for your defiance.  But if you want to be wise, then you listen good when the real Gods pipe up with some bit of instruction about how They want you to treat Them.  And while we’re all on our own individual journeys with our Makers, there are certain commands that are given to us all.  One of those commands is that we humans must reverentially submit to the real Gods as the Supreme Authorities that They are. Read more of this post

Why We Help the People You Hate


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This is not your typical Christian website. We don’t just regurgitate popular jingles in the Church, we don’t jump onboard with every passing Christian trend, and we don’t encourage you to believe lies about God just because we know it’s what you want to hear. We teach you the truth, regardless of how popular it is, because only by embracing the truth will you thrive in your own relationship with God.

Now there are a lot of truths which people don’t want to hear for various reasons. There are also a lot of truths which are intentionally left unsaid by Christians because Christians are humans and humans are not fans of doling out mercy to those they don’t like. Instead, we like to pretend that God’s grace is only for nice people like ourselves, not for those scumbags over there. Such a mentality results in certain groups of souls being taught that they are unwanted by God. We all have sympathy for the victim of molestation, but the molester himself gets nothing but hate. We mourn and cry over the poor child who was gunned down at school, but we get darn mad if anyone implies the creep who shot the kid is still loved by God. Well, the truth is that God loves all souls. Read more of this post

Why We Won’t Pray For You


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If you ask us to pray for you about something, our answer will always be no. We absolutely will not pray for you. But since “I’m not going to pray for you” is considered to be a vicious insult in the Christian community, we are now going to explain why we will not pray for you so you aren’t getting your feelings hurt for no reason. Read more of this post

Agitated Atheists: Why We Won’t Debate With You


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We know God. We know Him quite well, in fact, and this really irks people who need God to not be real. If we’re irking you, and you’re trying to get in some long debate with us about the existence of God and how exactly we relate to Him, this post will help you understand why we’re not going to argue with you. You see, all of your fussing over the existence of God is really just a game.  What you’re really interested in is your accountability to God–and that is the thing you’re trying to wriggle out of by arguing with Christians.  You tell yourself that as long as you can pick apart someone’s argument for why God is real, then He can’t be real, therefore you aren’t accountable to Him.  Well, this is ridiculous.  Read more of this post