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Practicing Dependency: Appreciating the Wisdom of God


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When a pilot tries to decide whether or not it’s a good time to take a flight, what does he do? He checks the weather report. He checks his fuel. He checks some routine mechanical parts. The pilot then makes a decision to fly based on what he knows. The weather looks good. His gas tank is full. The engine seems sound. But what the pilot doesn’t realize is that one of the wings of his plane has a severe crack in it which is going to cause the whole wing to snap off if the pilot attempts lift off. In this scenario, what the pilot doesn’t know is the most important information of all.

Or take the woman who starts up her car in the morning. When she fires up the engine, she doesn’t see any warning lights on her dash. She sees that there is fuel in the tank. The engine sounds normal. Based on these facts, she decides to go for a drive. But what she doesn’t realize is that someone has attached a bomb to the underside of her car, and that bomb is going to go off in thirty seconds. In this scenario, what the woman doesn’t know is far more important than what she does know.

As a human being, you know things. Knowing things is good, but if you don’t know the most important things, how can you make a wise decision? Our pilot is going to crash and our woman is going to get blown up because of their ignorance. It’s not the pilot’s fault that he doesn’t have x-ray vision to see into the structure of his wing. The woman had no way of knowing that she should have checked the underside of her car before getting in. Both of these people are acting reasonably, but they’re still going to end up in a heap of trouble because of their limited knowledge. It’s the same with you. If you try to go through life relying solely on your own limited information, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to end up in a major mess. Read more of this post

Trusting God with Our Secrets


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As much as we’d like to think of God as the soul of discretion, the truth is that He’s a bit of a tattletale. King David went to great pains to keep his affair with Bathsheba and his murder of Uriah on the down low. But then Yahweh ratted him out—and in front of other people, too. How embarrassing.

When the king of Aram made secret plans in his war tent for how to attack Israel, Yahweh kept blabbing to the prophet Elisha. Elisha told the king of Israel, and Aram kept looking stupid on the battlefield.

When Sarah scoffed at the idea of having a child in the privacy of her own tent, Yahweh exposed her secret feelings to Abraham and any other servants who were in the vicinity. How embarrassing.

When Achan secretly stole some expensive goodies from a battlefield and buried them under his tent, Yahweh ratted him out to Joshua and soon all of Israel knew about Achan’s secret stash. As a result, Achan ended up stoned to death. Read more of this post