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The Timelessness of God


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When we say that God dwells outside of time, we mean that He isn’t in our dimension of time. You see, there are multiple dimensions of time, space, and who knows what else. Now trying to discuss subjects like this often makes our brains feel overwhelmed. So let’s keep things simple. Metaphors are never perfect, but they can be very helpful in simplifying complex topics. Let’s use a metaphor to understand how God can be outside of time. Read more of this post

The Illusion of God’s Long-Suffering Patience

The Illusion of God's Long-Suffering Patience

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When we think of God’s long-suffering patience, we think of His mysterious willingness to endure all manner of rebellion and maltreatment from humans without dishing out immediate consequences. God’s apparent tolerance for disobedience seems so high that some of us begin to wonder why He is so lacking in boundaries. After all, He is God, and we are mere specks by comparison. He has told us over and over how much He hates our defiance of Him, yet if He is so sensitive, why doesn’t He do a better job of standing up for Himself?

The longer we humans go without receiving the discipline we secretly know we deserve, the less we respect the authority figures in our lives.  When our parents act like pushovers, we end up despising them.  When God doesn’t make us respect Him, we lose all fear of mocking Him. We begin to view Him like a dog who is all bark and no bite. Why should we bother respecting Him if there are no consequences? Read more of this post