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Distressing Truths About God’s Love


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Human love is largely based on need. We love when it personally benefits us to do so, and those we love most are those we need the most. We don’t like the idea that we are so self-centered in our attempts to love, but there it is. If you doubt it, just look at how devastated we become when we are suddenly separated from those we love. Many of us become so emotionally paralyzed that we spend the rest of our lives pretending the dead are still with us.  We talk to their pictures, we get tattoos on our bodies to symbolize their presence with us, we carry around their material possessions, and we become extremely defensive whenever someone says something less than complimentary about their memory.

Why is it so hard for us to cut ties and move on? Because that person filled a critical emotional or psychological need for us and we can’t afford to let that need go unmet. Hovering parents, possessive lovers, and high-maintenance friends: we’ve come up with these negative labels to describe the suffocation we feel when some other person tries to force us to meet their emotional needs. Every human relationship is made up of two people doing a give and take. No relationship gets off the ground unless someone sees the potential for someone else to benefit them and someone else is willing to do some giving. Things get ugly when one person tries to do all the taking. But where did all this neediness come from in the first place? Read more of this post

The Gift of Ego


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One of God’s most defining Characteristics is His massive ego. God loves Himself, and He never gets enough of exalting Himself. Everything He does has some Self-serving motivation behind it. God doesn’t create or sustain anything that doesn’t benefit Him in some way.

You are a human.  God has designed you with a special ability to bond with Him. He wants to have a personal relationship with you—a joyful soul communion that will continue to deepen for all of eternity. But for this to be possible, there must be some degree of understanding on your side. Making you a selfish, egocentric being was an essential part of God’s plan to draw you closer to Himself. Read more of this post