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Understanding Yahweh: Why Moses & Aaron Were Banned From The Promised Land


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We have three glorious Gods and everything about Them is endlessly fascinating. The more we know about Them, the more we want to know. But it’s also easy to feel totally overwhelmed by Them. They are so vast, so infinitely complex. When it comes to getting even the most basic understanding of who They are, where do we start? Surely there must be some facts about Themselves that They want us to learn about sooner rather than later. If only They would give us a short list of a few characteristics which They consider to be particularly important, that would give us a great place to begin. Happily, the magnificent Yahweh does exactly this for us in the Old Testament. Read more of this post

SAINTS: Who is your soul having sex with?


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Considering that He was speaking to people who put a lot of import on what someone’s name was, it was extremely significant that Yahweh gave the Jews an alternate Name for Himself: JEALOUS.

You must worship no other gods, for Yahweh, whose very Name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about His relationship with you. (Ex. 34:14)

Later on Jesus would come along and say that He was just like Yahweh. That means we have two Creators who could go by the alternate Name of JEALOUS. Then Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit as a third God who was equal to Himself and Yahweh. So now we’ve got three Creators with infinite power, love, and wrath who want us to know that JEALOUSY is one of Their defining characteristics. Read more of this post

Understanding Idolatry: The Problem & the Cure


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When we care about pleasing God, Satan will try to use our sincere desire to drive us to legalistic extremes. Idolatry is a prime example of this. At what point does something become an idol in your life? If we don’t have a proper understanding of idolatry, Satan can get us so paranoid that we feel guilty the moment we form any emotional attachments. This is not how God wants us to live. Humans are created as sensual, emotional beings. We naturally form emotional and psychological attachments to things which play important roles in our lives. God has no problems with this as long as we don’t get carried away.

If I show you a piece of blue material and I say “Is this darker or lighter?”, you are going to say, “Compared to what?” You can’t answer my question until I give you some standard to compare it to. It’s the same with the concept of idolatry. To simply ask, “Is this person or thing becoming too important to me?” is an incomplete question. We must first establish some standard that we are going to compare things by—some baseline measure by which we can say “If it’s more than this, it’s too much.” Read more of this post