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The Faithfulness of God


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“God is faithful.” This is a nice sounding phrase, but it’s really an incomplete thought. When we talk about God’s faithfulness, we are usually referring to some very specific behaviors. “God is faithful to give me what I want in this earthly life,” is what many Christians really mean when they go around exalting the faithfulness of God. Others mean “If I keep nagging God long enough, He will faithfully breakdown and give me what I want.”  Still others mean “God will be faithful to interpret the Bible the same way I do, and thus keep every promise that I think I find in it.”  Well, no, these definitions are wrong. As long as we’re focusing on our human agendas and priorities, we’re not going to get a correct understanding of God’s faithfulness. God does what God wants to do, and God has His own agenda for you. Read more of this post