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Sticking It To God: What Every Really Angry Soul Needs to Know


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In our line of work, we come across a lot of souls who are furious at God. The reason is always the same: they’ve been brutally hurt by Him one way or another and they don’t know what to do with the pain. What’s really great about these souls is that they aren’t playing the usual Christian game of trying to downplay God’s role in their misery. Really vocal God haters tend to have a strong grasp of God’s sovereignty—a fact that could really take them to some awesome places if it was properly applied. But while they usually have a great grip on sovereignty, they tend to have no confidence in God’s goodness. Instead of realizing that He has positive motivations for doing what He is doing to their lives, they write Him off as a despicable Ogre and decide that they want nothing to do with Him. At least some of them decide this. But others take a very aggressive approach and obsess over finding a way that they can try and get revenge on God. They want to somehow hurt Him to the degree that He has hurt them—and perhaps a skosh more. This obsession with getting their own back often results in some pretty absurd ideas about how they will personally experience Hell, and it is those misunderstandings that we want to clear up in this post for all of you little dears who are currently on the “I hate God” track. Read more of this post

Why God Doesn’t Obey His Own Laws


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If you watch a man fill his dog’s bowl with kibble, yet the man himself sits down to a steak dinner, do you ask, “Why aren’t you also eating kibble?” No, because you understand that kibble is for dogs and the man is not a dog.

If you know that the same man walks his dog on a leash every day, yet you see him protest when someone tries to put a leash on him, would you call him a hypocrite? No, because you understand that leashes are for dogs, not people.

A common frustration people have with God is that He doesn’t obey the rules He gives to us. Of course He doesn’t. He’s God. Why would God feel the need to obey rules that are for humans? Read more of this post