Identifying God’s Limitations: Why It Can’t Be Done


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Surely God must have limitations.  Surely there are some things that even God cannot do.  This is an assumption which is widely accepted among humans.  Throughout the centuries, countless Christian theologians and non-Christian philosophers have strained their brains to the point of exhaustion trying to construct irrefutable arguments for what some of God’s limitations must be.  It’s all been such a ridiculous waste of time.  It will never be possible for humans to identify any limitation in God.  But why can’t we do this?  It comes down to one simple word: logic. Continue reading

Aligning with a God of Extremes: How should we respond to spiritual rebellion?


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In this world, hating God is a very popular choice and plenty of people are reveling in it quite joyfully.  So how should we as Christians respond to this?  Clearly we should be siding with God whenever sides are being drawn, but what exactly does that look like in the day to day?  Does it mean we’re supposed to go around seething over the fact that a bunch of people are hating God out loud?  Does it mean we’re supposed to organize public protests whenever some law comes out which promotes a reversal of God’s moral code?  Does it mean we should be trying to avoid rubbing our holy elbows with the elbows of snarky sinners?  What exactly does God want from us in this area?  Continue reading

Understanding Jesus’ Sameness (Hebrews 13:8)


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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8)

What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that Jesus is some predictable Guy who never makes an unexpected move? Does it mean He never changes His mind or His mood or His current activities? Well, first we have to realize that the author of Hebrews grossly slanders who Christ is and doesn’t begin to give Him the respect He deserves as God Almighty. So if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, the author of Hebrews really isn’t who you want to be going to. Happily, you’re not strung out on old historical documents to guide you closer to God. You have been granted direct access to God Himself, so if you want to know Jesus better, tell Him, and ask Him to guide you. Continue reading

Relating to an Alien God


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Suppose you want to hear some music. You turn on your radio and a talk station comes on. You don’t want talk, you want music. Here is where you might say, “This radio is dumb. It doesn’t play any music.” Yet is this a correct conclusion? No. Your radio’s antenna is receiving all kinds of music transmissions, but before you can enjoy certain ones, you have to tune in to the right station. It works the same with God’s Voice. He is always talking to you, but He broadcasts His messages on many different stations. Most Christians refuse to acknowledge more than one or two stations. They want God to speak to them through emotional experiences or in the form of some clear thought voice. God does speak in these ways, but He also speaks in a variety of other ways. God is constantly changing which station He’s broadcasting on. If we’re going to hear Him, we need to learn how to listen to multiple stations at the same time. This is what the Holy Spirit will teach you to do if you are willing to submit to His education process.

Learning to recognize God’s Voice begins with realizing two critical facts. First, that He is always talking to you personally. Second, that His communications come in a wide variety of forms. As long as you are refusing to accept one or both of these facts, you simply aren’t going to get very far in your relationship with God. Continue reading