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Yahweh Talks Ethnicity: Jews & Non-Jews Are Equal Before God


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Suppose you’re an Egyptian woman who joined the Hebrew slaves during their victorious march out of Egypt after the ten plagues. Your husband was the firstborn male in his family, so he died during the final plague—that horrifying situation in which all firstborn males in Egypt died.  Your husband was devoted to his gods, and if he was still alive, you’d never have scraped up the courage to leave Egypt with the Hebrew slaves.  But his death gave you the final push you needed to embark on a whole new spiritual journey.  The ten plagues threw you into a massive theological crisis which has resulted in you abandoning the Egyptian gods who you used to worship so that you could become a sincere Yahweh follower.  You really want to please this new God…but is He only the God of the Jews?  You’re not a Jew–does that mean you can never please this Yahweh as much as the Hebrews can? Read more of this post

More Lies from Paul: God Loves Jews More Than Gentiles (Romans 11)


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Open up a box of crayons and look inside.  Which colors do you like the best?  Which colors do you like the least?  Do you know where you get your opinions from?  The Ones who made you.  You see, before you were born, Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit decided whether you’d like blue better than green or red better than orange.  They programmed your little brain to have an extremely narrow definition of concepts like good, beautiful, delicious, and fun.  Why did They do this?  Because They are obsessed with variety (see Understanding God: His Obsession with Complexity & Variation).  And since it was Their plan from the beginning to make zillions upon zillions of humans, They came up with many creative ways to ensure that all of those humans wouldn’t end up as clones of each other.  Just as you don’t want to listen to a fifty hour song that only has one note in it, your Creators weren’t interested in creating zillions of humans who all think, act, and look alike.  So when it came time to create you, They put together a zesty little combination of fascinating features that would result in you being not quite the same as anyone else.  They painted your skin a very specific shade.  They programmed the cells in your body to grow into a very specific shape.  Are you thin or fat?  Are you a straight stick or do some parts of you bulge out?  Perhaps you have a fat gut or a large butt or a big chest.  Maybe your nose is huge or your ears stick out or you’ve got boats for feet. While you look in the mirror and see a bunch of flaws, your Gods see fascinating variety.  They like ears that stick out just as much as ears that lay flat.  They like long fingers just as much as stubby ones.  Big guts, small guts, high butts, low butts, flat chests, big chests—it’s the variety that makes it all so fun.  They don’t want a white world or a black world.  They want snow white, inky black, and every fascinating shade in between.

The next time you’re out among people, take a moment to notice that endless variation that is all around you.  No two humans are exactly alike, and if you’re honest, there are plenty of human features that you just don’t find very appealing.  The truth is that you’re quite the narrow-minded little thing with a very pinched up view of “attractive.”  This isn’t your fault, it’s how you’ve been wired.  Being narrow minded comes naturally to humans, but our Gods are not humans, and when we start blurring the lines between Them and us, all kinds of problems arise. Read more of this post

God & Ethnicity: Understanding Cultural Bans in the Bible

God & Ethnicity: Understanding Cultural Bans in the Bible

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Do you think that God loves certain ethnicities more than others? This is an easy misconception to form as we read through the Bible and discover that God bans His chosen people—the Israelites—from marrying with certain other ethnicities. The Ammonite and Moabite women, for example, were strictly off limits for Jewish men. But why? Well, back when Israel was trooping through the wilderness on her way to claim the land God had promised her, she had to pass through land that was already populated. It would be like you trying to drive from Italy to Poland today. If you look on a map, you’ll see that the quickest way is to drive straight through Austria and the Czech Republic. But suppose when you reach Austria, the border patrol is very rude to you and won’t let you pass through. Well, what a pain—now you have to go all the way around either to the north or the south. To the north is Switzerland. They’re friendly and they let you pass through their territory. Now you get to massive Germany, but they’re rude. They refuse to let you pass. In fact, when they see you coming, they even send soldiers out to shoot at you. Well, now what do you do? Germany is big—trying to get around it will add a lot of time and hassle to your journey. And meanwhile, there are bullets flying past your head. Read more of this post

God’s View of Skin Color

God's View of Skin Color

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In this world, Satan tries to convince us that different is bad. When we listen to Satan, we find evil pleasure in picking on people who are different than us—especially about differences they can’t change, such as the color of their skin. In this world, there is a whole lot of time and energy being spent trying to prove that some people are inferior to others simply because of their pigmentation. Many souls are taught that God approves of such racism. If you’ve been raised with this kind of teaching, it’s pretty hard to see things from a different perspective. Yet it is important that you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this area, for God has a very different view of skin color than we do. Read more of this post