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God’s View of Your Body


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Think of someone in this world who you really like. Now suppose you are standing outside somewhere waiting to meet this person for lunch. Much to your surprise, they come driving up in the ugliest car you’ve ever seen: splotchy paint, major dings and dents, ratty looking tape covering over a broken window, a missing headlight, a warped frame. As your friend pulls to a stop and begins to get out, you cry out, “Stop! Stay in that car! I refuse to be seen with anyone who drives such a hideous looking vehicle! Yuck!” Can you imagine yourself talking so crazy? Of course not. Your friend is the one you want to have lunch with, not the car. Your friend is the one you like. The two of you might have a good laugh about how ridiculous the car looks as you head off towards the restaurant together, but you’d never confuse your friend with some broken down vehicle. Neither would God. Read more of this post