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Trash Talking Humans: Unacceptable Behavior for Christians


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At what point does God find it acceptable for you to refer to one of His human creations as a piece of trash, refuse or filth? At what point does He find it justifiable for you to declare that some living, breathing person should not have been born? The answer to both of these questions is NEVER.

Now we expect those who hate God to vocalize their disgust with both Him and the works of His hands. But as a Christian, what’s your excuse? If we should get into a discussion of molesters, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, gays, or people with certain shades of skin, are we going to hear you spewing out the same putrid comments that we hear from unbelievers? Are we going to hear you pompously setting yourself apart as oh so different than those people and declaring that anyone who does what they have done deserves to roast in an extra hot section of Hell? Read more of this post