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Are some people hurting too much to find God?


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Look around this world and you’ll discover that some souls are living out some truly hellish lives.  What are we to make of this?  Does God really expect souls to search for Him in the midst of horrific suffering that never lets up?  Is He really going to chuck them into Hell when they die because they were worshiping the wrong gods or no gods at all?  Is God really loving towards all of us or is He a sadistic Monster to some of us?  Does God consider some of us to be expendable objects which He just uses to bring about the well-being of others?  If God doesn’t need us, then how do we know He isn’t totally indifferent towards us?  These are the questions we’ll answer in this post. Read more of this post

How to Avoid Witnessing Burnout


Why do people end up in Hell? According to God, landing in Hell is a just punishment for willfully rejecting God’s truth. Notice that God says it is a JUST punishment. A just punishment is a fair punishment. God says He is a just God, which means He does not hand out unfair punishments. According to God, NO ONE ends up in Hell by accident or because they were never told the truth. Hell is always a choice. We willfully, knowingly, intentionally choose to defy our Creators—that is the ONLY reason that God throws us into Hell. Sounds reasonable, right? It is very reasonable. It’s also very simple. But it stops being simple when you go to church, because at church, we’re rarely taught what God actually says. Instead, we hear words that people have put in God’s mouth for Him—words which He has never said and words which He completely disagrees with. Read more of this post

Behind the Scenes with God: Human Variation, Lifespans, and the Mechanics of Salvation

Behind the Scenes with God: Human Variation, Lifespans, and the Mechanics of Salvation

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“We are all created equal.” This is true in a certain sense, for God loves us all and He died for us all, and all human life should be held in the highest regard. However, when we move past generalities and start looking at each individual soul, we discover that we were definitely NOT created equal.  We are each created for a different purpose—meaning, that God has a unique plan in mind for each of us. We start picking up on His different plans the moment we notice that other people act differently than we do. We don’t all have the same personalities or temperaments. We don’t all think the same way. We don’t all learn the same way. Each human is like a unique instrument—custom designed to play its own kind of music. Yes, there are a lot of trumpets, a lot of drums, a lot of violins. And if you’re a violin, you feel most comfortable hanging out with other violins. But even when you get among your own kind—people who think and communicate in a way similar to you—you will still discover differences. There is no other human who is an exact clone of you. God doesn’t crank us out in batches, we are each a handmade masterpiece. Read more of this post