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Spineless in the Face of Death: Encouragement for Christians Who Have Publicly Disowned Christ


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If someone starts sawing your leg off and they say that they won’t stop unless you deny Christ, guess what? You’re going to deny Christ. Naturally your ego doesn’t want to believe this is true, but your ego is delusional. It doesn’t matter how high of a tolerance for pain you think you have. It doesn’t matter how many hideous experiences you’ve already endured in your life. Breaking you down is extremely easy to do because you cannot escape the fact that you are a human being and all humans are weak. We are not only weak, we are spineless cowards. We are faithless, self-serving weenies who are more than willing to trash those we love in order to save our own necks. Some of you will refuse to accept this truth about yourselves until you are forced to. But others of you have recently provided the world with a fresh reminder of what humans aren’t made of by utterly crumbling under pressure and publicly denying your Savior in order to save your own neck.  Now you’re drowning in self-loathing and shame. If this is where you’re at, this post is for you. Read more of this post

The Enemies of God


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God demands that we live in alignment with Him. Living in alignment with God means viewing other creatures the way that He views them. Now we can only do this to a limited degree, because God never fills us in on the whole picture of how He views someone else. Instead He just gives us a few general guidelines, yet these guidelines are enough to keep us out of trouble. Read more of this post

God & Ethnicity: Understanding Cultural Bans in the Bible

God & Ethnicity: Understanding Cultural Bans in the Bible

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Do you think that God loves certain ethnicities more than others? This is an easy misconception to form as we read through the Bible and discover that God bans His chosen people—the Israelites—from marrying with certain other ethnicities. The Ammonite and Moabite women, for example, were strictly off limits for Jewish men. But why? Well, back when Israel was trooping through the wilderness on her way to claim the land God had promised her, she had to pass through land that was already populated. It would be like you trying to drive from Italy to Poland today. If you look on a map, you’ll see that the quickest way is to drive straight through Austria and the Czech Republic. But suppose when you reach Austria, the border patrol is very rude to you and won’t let you pass through. Well, what a pain—now you have to go all the way around either to the north or the south. To the north is Switzerland. They’re friendly and they let you pass through their territory. Now you get to massive Germany, but they’re rude. They refuse to let you pass. In fact, when they see you coming, they even send soldiers out to shoot at you. Well, now what do you do? Germany is big—trying to get around it will add a lot of time and hassle to your journey. And meanwhile, there are bullets flying past your head. Read more of this post

Predestination & Objects of Wrath: Are some of us created for Hell?


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As creatures of God, we are not in control of our own existence.  We did not bring ourselves into being, nor can we cause ourselves to stop being.  On this earth, the most we can do is try to kill ourselves, but this does not make us cease to be.  The death of our physical body merely frees our souls to go on to eternity, and this is certainly not something we want to rush if we’re only going to end up in Hell.  Unless we meet God’s requirements for salvation, we will spend eternity writhing in terrible torment.  This is a horrifying thought.  Happily, God offers us a better option…or does He?  Is it true that everyone is given the chance to go to Heaven?  Does God really desire all souls to be saved?  Does He really love all people or only a privileged few?  What if before we were even born, God labeled some of us as eternal outcasts?  What if He created certain people just to be hated objects which He will delight in torturing forever?  What if some of us were intentionally created as warped, ugly freaks who God sadistically delights in inflicting misery upon?  If you are worried that you might be an object of wrath to God or a soul who He has predestined to burn in Hell, then this post is for you. Read more of this post