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Understanding Divine Judgment: Illumination, Empowerment & A God Who Delights In Mercy


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Most Christians are in a confused muddle about how God judges them. When we believe that God expects more from us than He does, we end up trapped in an endless cycle of pain, shame, and despair. We conclude that God is impossible to please, and this leads us into all sorts of harmful activities. Do you repent for the same sins over and over again? Do feel the need to injure your body or deprive your life of any joy as a means of atoning for past sins? Do you avoid a lot of subjects in your prayer life or do you avoid praying altogether because you’re afraid of God blasting you with some wrathful response? All of these are common symptoms of believing that God is impossible to please, and that belief stems from not understanding what God expects from you. To get yourself out of this cycle of misery—or to prevent yourself from getting sucked into it in the first place—you need to learn about two concepts that are critical to gaining a proper view of Divine Judgment. Those two topics are spiritual illumination, and Divine empowerment.  Anyone can gain a clear idea of how God judges them if it’s explained to them properly, and as a Christian, it is vital that you understand where the lines of responsibility fall. Read more of this post

Accepting the Mercy of God


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The term Divine judgment is strongly associated with punishment in our minds. When we picture God acting as a Judge, we tend to think of Him glaring down at us with some disapproving scowl. We expect Him to swiftly find fault with us and then break out some frightening forms of discipline. It is the belief that God is an intimidating, hard to please Judge that causes many guilt ridden souls to shut down their prayer lives and avoid talking about the sins they have committed. Often we fall into the trap of thinking that if we try to bring up certain subjects with God, He’ll unload on us in some terrifying manner and confirm His disgust with us in a way that will crush our hearts. But is this really the case? Read more of this post

Taking Advantage of a Merciful God: Can it really be done?


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God says He hates rebellion, but then He offers us instant, eternal forgiveness for our sins and eternal life in Heaven if we just call on the Name of Jesus. Wow, talk about a dope. You’d have to have the intelligence of a turnip not to see a juicy opportunity in this set up. If salvation is ours for the taking anytime we want, then let’s spend our lives spitting in God’s face and then use His own foolish rules against Him to gain passage into Heaven with our dying breath. Obviously God is some pathetic pushover who is so desperate to save us that He’s willing to eat any amount of abuse from us. Just look at Jesus standing there letting His own creations beat and spit on Him—if that doesn’t say “spineless” what does? If God is such a mercy loving masochist, then why should we bother with submitting to Him before our dying moment? He’s not a King, He’s a fool, and One who we humans can easily take advantage of. Or can we? Read more of this post

Distinguishing Between Grace & Mercy


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What is the difference between grace and mercy? Since both of these terms refer to showing someone undeserved favor, they are often used interchangeably by Christians. But there is a slight difference. Mercy has a strong association with suffering, whereas grace emphasizes favor. Mercy is about not giving someone the punishment they deserve, while grace is about giving them favor they do not deserve. To make this more clear, let’s run through some examples. Read more of this post