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Real Help for Your Identity Crisis: Is it possible that you’re Jesus Christ?


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“Could it be that I am actually Jesus Christ?”  This is one of those loaded questions which many Christians will respond to with hostility and scoffing.  But we understand that for some people, this is a sincere and distressing dilemma.  If you are personally hearing voices telling you that you are Jesus, or if you can’t shake a nagging sense of conviction or some strong premonition that you are being called to relive the mission Jesus had and function as a kind of spiritual Messiah, then this post is going to give you the information you need to put this identity crisis to rest, and it will also arm you with some very helpful discernment skills for the future. Read more of this post

How the NT Epistles Define Christ: Not God, Just Another Flawed Human


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Our Gods are obsessed with variation, and because of this, we find Them relating to us in different ways.  Today the Holy Spirit relates to you in a different way than He does with your neighbors, friends, and family members. But why?  Why does God talk to some people in dreams but not others?  Why do some people see God while others never see Him?  And of all the people who have seen God at one time or another, why aren’t they all seeing the same image?  To some, Jesus shows up wearing a tunic and sandals, but to others He looks very different.  To some, Jesus never shows up in any visual form, but instead He communicates to them in non-visual ways.  Some people say they talk to God all the time, while others feel God never speaks to them.  Everywhere we look, we see endless variation in the way that our Creators interact with us, and this has been true from the very beginning. Read more of this post

Understanding Jesus’ Use of Titles: Son of God, Son of Man, I AM


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When He was walking around Israel in human form, Jesus used several titles to introduce monotheistic Old Covenant Jews to the shocking idea that we humans actually have three separate and distinct Creators, not just one.  In this post, we’re going to explain a few interesting facts about the Old Testament and the New Testament Jewish perspective that will help you appreciate the theological strategy behind Jesus’ title games. Read more of this post

Understanding Jesus’ Sameness (Hebrews 13:8)


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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8)

What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that Jesus is some predictable Guy who never makes an unexpected move? Does it mean He never changes His mind or His mood or His current activities? Well, first we have to realize that the author of Hebrews grossly slanders who Christ is and doesn’t begin to give Him the respect He deserves as God Almighty (see Who is Jesus?). So if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, the author of Hebrews really isn’t who you want to be going to. Happily, you’re not strung out on old historical documents to guide you closer to God. You have been granted direct access to God Himself, so if you want to know Jesus better, tell Him, and ask Him to guide you. Read more of this post

Rethinking Your Christmas Theology: Who is Jesus?


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In the Church, the Christmas season is a time when we all focus on the miraculous sequence of events which led up to the birth of Jesus on earth. But who exactly is Jesus? When you look at those pictures of a baby in a manger, who are you seeing? A fragile human being? A human-God hybrid? God Almighty? We rarely stop to think about our Christmas theology. We just get caught up in traditions like Advent and Christmas pageants and familiar songs which we haven’t sung for a year. But if we’re going to be serious about honoring our glorious Lord, then we need to stop basking in the fun of holiday traditions long enough to give some serious thought as to exactly how we’re viewing Him.  Read more of this post

Jesus Is Not Humble


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In the Church today, we like to talk about how humble Jesus is. We think this is biblical because Jesus Himself said:

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matt. 11:29)

But the problem is that though we are quoting Jesus’ words, we are attaching a very different definition to them. The kind of humility God wants from us is not at all the kind of humility we promote in the Church. Our humility is limited to a set of behaviors. A humble man is polite. He doesn’t push for his way. He doesn’t start fights. He acts embarrassed when he’s complimented. He pretends not to love being in the spotlight. The problem with our definition of humility is that it’s only a surface act. Underneath the phony pretense lies a raging ego, a condescending attitude, and a firm belief that we deserve all the praise we’re getting and then some. Read more of this post

How do we know that Jesus really understands the human experience?

How do we know that Jesus really understands the human experience?

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“For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin.” (Heb. 4:15)

How do you know that Jesus really understands all of your problems? In His brief life on earth, did He really experience every single kind of temptation that you face? Did He ever lust after a new cell phone that He knew He couldn’t afford? No, because they hadn’t been invented yet. Was He ever tempted to become addicted to video games? No, because those didn’t exist either. Did He ever find Himself tempted to have His corporation steal the technology of its top competitor? No, because He was a poor Jewish commoner, not a CEO of a large firm. So if Jesus didn’t technically experience every situation we face in our modern world today, how can we really know that He understands what it’s like to be human? How can we know that He sympathizes with our frail nature, our fickle emotions, and the burden of being trapped in carnal flesh? Do we have anything better to go on than a collection of old documents that were written thousands of years ago by men who we never knew? Happily, we do. Read more of this post

Jesus: The Arrogant Lawbreaker

Jesus: the Arrogant Lawbreaker

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Jesus was the Messiah—Yahweh’s special Servant whose coming was foretold by Yahweh’s prophets hundreds of years in advance. Better yet, Jesus was God. Now you’d expect that God in human form would obey God’s Laws for humans, right? After all, we’re told that Jesus was perfect and sinless. Well, obviously the definition of “sin” was bent where Jesus was concerned because Jesus not only broke Yahweh’s Law, He felt free to publicly renounce it. Wow. We can see how devoted Yahweh followers would have had some serious hesitation in accepting Jesus’ claims to be perfectly obeying Yahweh in everything He said and did.

In both Matthew 15 and Mark 7, we find Jesus making a very shocking statement about God’s dietary laws. Under the Old Covenant, there was a long list of foods that Yahweh considered unclean. To eat them was an act of rebellion which would make a person spiritually unclean until he presented proper sacrifices to atone for his sin. Well, Jesus couldn’t be bothered with all of that. He just blew the food laws off as irrelevant—and He did it in front of a large crowd of people. What a great example of…rebellion? Hm. Read more of this post

Jesus: The Bewildering Teacher

Jesus the Bewildering Teacher

It’s commonly said that Jesus used a lot of parables when He taught in order to make His lessons very clear to His listeners. By using a lot of examples from everyday life that the people were familiar with—like farming, cleaning, and shepherding—Jesus made His teaching points super obvious and very memorable. Gosh, what a clever Guy He was. This is what we say. It isn’t true, but we say it anyway.

If you want to get a completely warped, totally backwards understanding about who Jesus was, what His Personality was like, and how you would have felt hanging around with Him on earth, then go to church. Attend those weekly Bible classes. Go to adult Sunday School and you’ll hear all about sweet, loving, gentle Jesus who was oh so clear with His teaching, ever tender with His words, and attracting mobs to Him because He was just such a nice Guy. From pastor to layman, this is the Jesus we promote. Unfortunately, it’s a Jesus who never existed, and still doesn’t exist. Read more of this post

Jesus: The Volatile Guest


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We know very little about Jesus’ time on the earth. We estimate that He died in His early thirties and that He was a very public figure for about three years. Yet for all this, we only have four highly repetitive Gospel books that give us the tiniest glimpse of what it was like to be in the Company of our glorious Lord. Despite such limited information, we do learn one thing for certain: Jesus was a very volatile Guest.

Considering how rudely Jesus treated His hosts, it’s really quite fantastic that He received so many invitations to dine. It’s not like the people who lived 2,000 years ago didn’t talk to each other. They loved gossip then just as much as we do now, so you’d think stories of Jesus’ bad manners would spread  throughout the country and He’d be blacklisted from all invitation lists. Yet instead, we keep seeing more suckers getting in line for a punch. In Luke 11:37-54, we find a wonderful account of what happens when a Pharisee invites Jesus to dine with him. Read more of this post