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Understanding Salvation: Getting the Holy Spirit


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The Holy Spirit (aka the Holy Ghost) is God Almighty, not some random force of energy. Like Yahweh and Jesus, the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere at once. So if we want to be technically correct, no one is ever without the Holy Spirit. Both the saved and the unsaved are continuously benefiting from the Holy Spirit’s protection.

Simply put, salvation is a matter of submission. We must submit to our three Creators as the Supreme Authorities that They are. We can’t just submit to One while ignoring the other Two. Followers of Judaism claim to be obeying Yahweh as God while they reject the Divinity of Christ. Well, it was Yahweh who ordered us all to revere Jesus as a second God. As long as you’re blowing off Yahweh’s command and acting like His entire New Covenant is irrelevant, you are hardly obeying Him. Once the real Gods educate you on who They are and what They want, you will be judged by how your soul responds to Them. Read more of this post

Why the Holy Spirit Left You: Guidance for Panicking Christians


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There comes a time in the lives of certain devoted Christians when something truly horrible happens to them. The Holy Spirit suddenly leaves. One moment things are as they should be, and the next moment His Presence vanishes and they can feel a terrifying void inside of them. If this is where you are at right now, keep reading.

This is an experience which most Christians will never have to endure. It is a trauma that is limited to a select few, and this makes it all the harder to find someone who can walk you through it. In this post, we’ll explain to you what is happening, and help you understand God’s positive reasons for putting you through this. Read more of this post