The Pursuit of God

Serious Topics for Serious Christians

I Need Basics spiritually young are precious to God.  For those of you who are looking for introductory level teaching, we’ve created the following tags to help you out:

Learn how to interact with the Bible in a way that honors God.

INTRO Church
Answers to common questions about church leadership and church life.

INTRO Dangers
Common snares & dangerous teachings that you need to look out for.

INTRO Demons
Basic teaching about Satan & demons.

INTRO Difficult Bible Passages
Get your fears put to rest about Bible passages that commonly upset new believers.

INTRO Discernment
Learn basic principles about spiritual discernment.

INTRO Doctrines
Learn about many common teachings in the Church.

Learn essential truths about Yahweh, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.

INTRO Human Relationships
How to honor God in your relationships with other people.

INTRO Prayer
Learn how God wants you to talk to Him.

INTRO Relating to God
Learn about the soul attitudes that please God.

INTRO Salvation
Common concerns about salvation.

INTRO Serving God
Key principles about serving God.

Learn positive ways to deal with sin.

INTRO Spiritual Growth
Important concepts about how we mature spiritually.