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Challenge Me

On this site we cover a wide range of topics: from early basics to the complex mysteries of God.  For those of you who are looking for some deeper material to chew on, we have created the following advanced (ADV) tags:

ADV Bible
Rethink the way you view and interact with the Bible.

ADV Church Life
The more mature you become, the more you will clash with the Church.  Get help with some common issues that frustrate mature believers.

ADV Discernment
In this section, we’ll teach you more about the critical topic of spiritual discernment, and give you an opportunity to practice discernment with some challenging exercises based on passages of Scripture and other material that is promoted by the Church.

ADV Doctrines
Be challenged to rethink your position on many well-known Christian teachings.

ADV Eternity
Be challenged with new concepts about what will come after this life.

ADV God’s Character
Learn more about key attributes of God which the Church tries to ignore or minimize.

ADV God’s Methods
We humans feel disturbed by many of the ways God operates.  Gain a better understanding of the Divine point of view so that you can improve the way that you respond to God doing things that you don’t like.

ADV Prayer
Prayer is central to your relationship with God, but it’s also taught all wrong by the Church.  Learn how to improve the way that you communicate with God, and learn why many popular Christians prayer traditions are quite offensive to Him.

ADV Relating to God
As serious Christians, we want to be continuously improving the way that we treat God.  

ADV Serving God
Learn how to serve God in a way that pleases Him.

ADV Spiritual Growth
Develop a deeper understanding of the methods God uses to mature us and strengthen our bond with Him.

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