Bible Topics

This site contains many articles which are based on specific passages of Scripture.  Those articles vary in depth.  For those who want to expand their understanding of Scripture, and sharpen their discernment skills, we recommend the following articles.


Yahweh Talks Ethnicity: Jews & Non-Jews Are Equal Before God
How long is a biblical generation?
Learning from Yahweh: What It Means To Be Holy
All About Fleeces: Asking God for a Sign
Anointed: What it Does & Doesn’t Mean
Can Christian leaders claim special protection from God?

The Prophetic Books of the Bible: Who’s Talking?
Distinguishing Between the Real End Times & the Day of Yahweh
God’s Will vs. Human Choice Q&A
Practicing Discernment: Bible Promises

Historical Books

Rethinking Genesis: Is God Really Threatened by Us?

CH 4: Why did God want to kill Moses in Exodus 4?
CH 20: Applying the Ten Commandments: Guidance for Christians

CH 11: Too Many Quails
CH 13-14: The Last Straw: Israel Refuses to Enter the Promised Land
CH 16: Korah’s Rebellion
CH 20: Understanding Yahweh: Why Moses & Aaron Were Banned From The Promised Land
CH 21: The Fate of the Bronze Snake

CH 8: Understanding Moses: Identifying Soul Attitudes in Deuteronomy 8

CH 17-21: Anarchy in Israel

CH 4-7: Revere Yahweh or Die: Lessons Learned When the Philistines Stole the Ark
CH 28: Lessons Learned when King Saul Consults a Dead Man
CH 16-2 SAM CH 4: Learning from David: The Anointed Life

CH 12-15: Treachery & Wrath: Lessons Learned from King Jeroboam
CH 13: Understanding 1 Kings 13: Why Yahweh Fed His Prophet to a Lion

CH 6-7: 2 Chronicles 6-7: Why We Shouldn’t Ask God to Heal Our Land
CH 20: Applying 2 Chronicles 20: Learning from Jehoshaphat

Know Your Bible Lesson 40: Esther


Putting Zion in Perspective: Dirt Is Not Divine
PS 1: Why We Need to Grow Past the Wishful Thinking of Psalm 1
PS 2: Taking Christ Out of Psalm 2: David Exults in Having Yahweh’s Favor
PS 8: Misapplying David: How Psalm 8 is Used to Insult Christ
PS 35: Psalm 35: Bratty David Bosses Yahweh
PS 74: Psalm 74: Asaph Flaunts His Contempt for Yahweh
PS 82: Psalm 82: Asaph Wants Yahweh to Judge the Wicked
PS 90: Psalm 90: Moses Gripes at Yahweh
PS 91: Psalm 91: Life is Perfect & God Always Does What We Want
PS 109: Psalm 109: Learning from David’s Hatefest
PS 110: Debunking Messianic Psalms: The Real Meaning of Psalm 110
PS 118: Psalm 118: The Cornerstone Who Isn’t Christ
PS 137: Psalm 137: Dashing Infants & Disparaging Yahweh

Prophetic Books

CH 7-8: The Real Immanuel
CH 20: Prophets in Action: Isaiah Walks Around Naked
CH 24-26: Isaiah 26:3 In Context: Does God really give us perfect peace?
CH 30: Understanding Yahweh’s Wrath: Judah’s Alliance with Egypt (Isaiah 30:1-17)
CH 30: Understanding God’s Promises: Yahweh Promises to Bless Israel (Isaiah 30:18-33)
CH 58-59: Isaiah 58-59: Rebellious Jews & Warrior Yahweh

CH 2-3: Jeremiah 2-3: Yahweh Justifies His Wrath
CH 13: Metaphors from Yahweh: Rebellious Underwear
CH 14-15: The Snarky Prophet: Lessons Learned from Jeremiah 14-15

CH 4-5: Prophets in Action: Ezekiel & the Siege of Jerusalem
CH 4-7: Know Your Bible Lesson 32: Ezekiel in Action
CH 13-14: Ezekiel 13-14: Yahweh Condemns False Prophets
CH 14: Ezekiel 14: Yahweh Stands Alone
CH 15-17: Know Your Bible Lesson 35: Three Parables of Yahweh
CH 18: Debunking the Impact of Adam: Unlearning Lies About How God Judges You
CH 19: Ezekiel 19: Yahweh Laments Two Lions & A Vine
CH 20-21: Ezekiel 20-21: The Sword of Yahweh
CH 34: Parables of Yahweh: The Good Shepherd Rescues His Flock
CH 37: Parables of Yahweh: The Valley of Dry Bones

CH 2: Know Your Bible Lesson 29: The Dream
CH 4: Know Your Bible Lesson 37: Man Turns Cow
CH 5-6: Know Your Bible Lesson 38: Writing on the Wall
Angels in the Book of Daniel

CH 2-4: Amos 2-4: Yahweh’s Wrath in Context

CH 3: Zephaniah 3:17 In Context: Does God really sing over us?

CH 11: Know Your Bible Lesson 39: The Great Divorce

CH 1: Understanding Divine Election: Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated (Malachi 1 & Romans 9)


Understanding Jesus: Take Up Your Cross
Understanding the Virgin Birth: Context & Mechanics
Debunking the Great Guilt Trip: It’s Not Your Job to Save the World (The Great Commission)
Jesus vs. the NT Jews: What it Means to Please God
Choosing the Right Priorities: How does God want us to treat our brothers?
Salvation Concerns: Why does God block some souls from coming to Him?
Understanding God’s Justice: Inequality in Hell
In Jesus’ Name, Amen: How does God feel about the traditional Christian sign-off?
All About Fasting

Defining THE WORD OF GOD: Its Biblical & Modern Day Meanings
Imitating the Idolatry of NT Jews: All Scripture is God-Breathed
Yearning for More Spiritual Fruits: Wrong Focus, Wrong Priorities
Are all sexual perverts going to Hell?
The Laying On of Hands
What’s holy about holy water? (Understanding Labels in the Church)
How the NT Epistles Define Christ: Not God, Just Another Flawed Human
Did Jesus spend three days in Hell?
Who raised Jesus from the dead?
The Great Offense of Paul: Rejecting the Divinity of Christ
Intercession: Exposing the Lies
Lifting Each Other Up in Prayer
Giving to the Poor: Cautions for Christians
Sacrificial Giving: A Favorite Teaching of False Shepherds
You’re Sick Because You Sinned: Dealing with Misguided Christians
Praying for the Sick
Satan Q&A
Angel Q&A
Spiritual Warfare in the Church: Delusions vs. Truth
The Resurrection Myth: Why the Dead in Christ Won’t Really Rise
Understanding Spiritual Gifts: The Labels & the Lies
Speaking in Tongues
Debunking the Impact of Adam: Unlearning Lies About How God Judges You

The Dreaded Day of Judgment: Is God going to humiliate us in Heaven?
Blood Moons: The Mechanics, the Hype & the God-Honoring Response
Change the Bible, Go to Hell: Debunking Christian Superstitions

Historical Books

Messianic Passages According to Matthew
CH 4: Impressing the Devil: Jesus’ Self-Exalting Temptation Story
CH 5-6: Know Your Bible Lesson 49: The Sermon on the Mount
CH 6-7: Know Your Bible Lesson 50: Finishing the Sermon on the Mount
CH 7: Recognizing Wolves: By Their Fruits You Won’t Know Them
CH 10: Understanding Jesus: “Whoever denies Me before men…”
CH 11: Understanding Jesus: The Kingdom of Heaven is Under Attack
CH 18: The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (or, How many times should we forgive?)
CH 21: Parables of Jesus: The Two Sons & The Evil Tenant Farmers
CH 22: Trapping Jesus – Part 1: The Pharisees Ask About Taxes
CH 22: Trapping Jesus – Part 2: The Sadducees Ask About Resurrection
CH 22: The Parable of the Wedding Feast
CH 24: Know Your Bible Lesson 63: The End is Near (The Olivet Discourse)
CH 25: Know Your Bible Lesson 64: Finishing the Olivet Discourse

CH 3: Understanding Unpardonable Sins: Lies vs. Truth
CH 13: The Parable of the Talents

CH 4: A Mouthy Messiah: Why the Jews in Nazareth Tried to Kill Jesus
CH 10: Understanding Jesus: More Workers for the Harvest
CH 13: Understanding Jesus: Many Will Try To Enter But Won’t Be Able
CH 14: Understanding Jesus: All who Exalt Themselves will be Humbled
CH 14: The Parable of the Great Feast
CH 14: Understanding Jesus: Hate Your Family & Count the Cost
CH 15: The Parable of the Lost Sheep
CH 16: The Parable of the Shrewd Manager
CH 17: The Parable of the Unworthy Servant
CH 18: The Parable of the Persistent Widow

CH 3: Understanding Jesus: What does it mean to be born again?
CH 3: False Formulas for Salvation – John 3:16
CH 6: Understanding Jesus: The Bread of Life
CH 10: Analogies of Jesus: The Good Shepherd

CH 1: Know Your Bible Lesson 71: Acts Begins
CH 2: Know Your Bible Lesson 72: The Third God
CH 2-3: Know Your Bible Lesson 73: Peter Reduces Christ
CH 4: Know Your Bible Lesson 74: Fishermen vs. Priests
CH 5-7: Know Your Bible Lesson 75: The Wrath of Priests
CH 8: Know Your Bible Lesson 76: The God Dispensers
CH 9: Know Your Bible Lesson 77: Debunking the Conversion of Paul
CH 9-10: Know Your Bible Lesson 78: Foolish Leaders & False Converts
CH 11: Know Your Bible Lesson 79: Tolerating Gentiles
CH 12-13: Know Your Bible Lesson 80: The Wrath of Agrippa
CH 13: Know Your Bible Lesson 81: Trouble in Antioch
CH 14: Know Your Bible Lesson 82: The Stoning of Paul


CH5: Romans 5: Paul Leads Us Astray on Sin & the Character of Yahweh
CH 6: Romans 6: Paul Baptizes Christians Into Despair
CH 7-8: Salvation According to Paul: If You Sin, You’re Damned (Romans 7-8)
CH 8 (part 2): Romans 8: Pretty Promises for Perfect People
CH 9: Understanding Divine Election: Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated (Malachi 1 & Romans 9)
CH 10: False Formulas for Salvation – Romans 10:9
CH 10: Romans 10: Paul’s Racism, His Pride & His Beautiful Feet
CH 11: More Lies from Paul: God Loves Jews More Than Gentiles (Romans 11)
CH 13: Romans 13: How should Christians respond to governing authorities?

Know Your Bible Lesson 79: Tolerating Gentiles

CH 5: Pray Without Ceasing: More Bad Advice from Paul

CH 1: Titus 1: The Cult of Paul
CH 2: Titus 2: Cult Rules

CH 1: Applying Hebrews 1: Exposing the Lies
CH 2: Applying Hebrews 2: Confusion About Christ
CH 3: Applying Hebrews 3: Yahweh’s Rest
CH 4: Applying Hebrews 4: Stretching a Metaphor
CH 5: Applying Hebrews 5: More Lies About Christ
CH 6: Applying Hebrews 6: To Doubt Is To Be Damned
CH 7: Applying Hebrews 7: Melchizedek Madness
CH 8: Applying Hebrews 8: Yahweh Speaks
CH 9: Applying Hebrews 9: Refusing to Let Go
CH 10: Applying Hebrews 10: Old vs. New
CH 11: Applying Hebrews 11: The Faith Hall of Fame
CH 12: Applying Hebrews 12: Threats & Warnings
CH 13: Applying Hebrews 13: Concluding Remarks
CH 13: Understanding Jesus’ Sameness (Hebrews 13:8)

CH 5: The Power of a Righteous Man’s Prayer

CH 1: False Formulas for Salvation – 1 John 1:9
CH 2-3: Salvation According to 1 John
CH 4: Spiritual Discernment According to John
CH 5: The Ruler of Our World: Is it God or Satan?

CH 1: Taking Moses Off The Pedestal (Jude 1:9)


Applying Revelation: Some Background

Applying Revelation 1: The Greeting (vs. 1-8)
Applying Revelation 1: Jesus’ New Look
Applying Revelation 2: Ephesus & Smyrna (vs. 1-11)
Applying Revelation 2: Pergamum & Thyatira (vs. 12-29)
Applying Revelation 3: Sardis, Philadelphia & Laodicea
Applying Revelation 4: Yahweh’s Turn
Applying Revelation 5: Jesus is Awesome
Applying Revelation 6: The First Five Seals
Applying Revelation 6: The Sixth Seal
Applying Revelation 7: The 144,000
Applying Revelation 8: The First Four Trumpets
Applying Revelation 9: The Locusts
Applying Revelation 10: End Time Games
Applying Revelation 11: The Two Witnesses
Applying Revelation 12: Miss Israel & Devil Dragon
Applying Revelation 13: Two More Beasts & 666
Applying Revelation 14: Harvest Time
Applying Revelation 15-16: Invincible Rebels
Applying Revelation 17: Rome Gets It…Again
Applying Revelation 18: Seven Songs About Rome
Applying Revelation 19: Warrior Jesus
Applying Revelation 20: Millennial Madness
Applying Revelation 21: A Disturbing Paradise
Applying Revelation 22: The Last Chapter
Applying Revelation: Its Warning for Modern Day Believers