About This Site

We don’t want you to trust us, admire us, bond to us, or assume that everything we say is right just because we’re the ones saying it.  To help you keep emotional distance from us, we don’t talk about ourselves, and we never discuss our personal relationships with God.  Because so many Christian teachers encourage others to become emotionally dependent on them, our aloof style can sometimes frustrate people.  And yet we know that the best thing for your soul is to learn to depend entirely on God, and we’re not going to hamper that process by filling your head with a bunch of irrelevant information about who we are.  You really shouldn’t care about who we are–instead, you should be asking God if the material on this site has any merit to it.  If He tells you that it does, then ask Him to help you apply it well in your own life.  If He tells you that we’re a bunch of heretics, then stay away from us.  God is the only Authority on truth, so if you’re not asking Him for His feedback before you put your faith in something you read on a website or hear at church, then you’re being a fool.


We do not accept financial support of any kind.  We loathe oozing compliments that try to give us glory for things which only God deserves the credit for.  If you’re thrilled with something you read here, tell God about it, don’t tell us.


We pay to block advertisements from appearing on this site so that you can read and think in peace.  We also block comments for the same reason. We will not accept any financial help with blocking ads, so don’t offer.  It’s our job to cover our operating costs, not yours.


If you want to use our written or audio material for something, go ahead. You don’t need to ask for our permission, nor do you need to post some link that will send people back here.  Be aware that this site is constantly being revised, so we recommend that you download something you’re interested in to your own files if you want to ensure that you’ll still have access to it later on.


We will not pray for you, so asking us to is a waste of time.  Before you mistakenly assume that this is some kind of insult, read Why We Won’t Pray For You.


In Jeremiah 9:24, God says: “But let him who boasts boast of this: that he understands and knows Me.” 
There is no greater privilege than to be given the opportunity to know your own Creator.

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