End Time Wars: The Church vs. The Prophet

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On our main website, you’ll find a title banner that reads: “The Pursuit of God: Serious Topics for Serious Christians.”  And yet in this article about the end times, we are going to say some very harsh things about the Christian religion and warn you to be very wary about trusting Christian interpretations of end time events.  So what’s with the apparent hypocrisy?  If we claim to be Christians ourselves—which we do—then why are we so adamantly opposed to so much of what the Christian Church teaches?  Well, why are sincere followers of Islam so opposed to ISIS terrorists?  After all, the boys in black hoodies are claiming to be showing the world what real devotion to Allah looks like as they go around torturing, maiming and assaulting other humans.  Is it really true that the fictitious Allah is the sort of fellow who is all for guys with big guns tearing land and resources away from others just to feed their personal lust for power and glory?  No, it’s really not.  Even though Allah is as fictitious as America’s Santa Claus, Allah is a very specific sort of character who would never sign off on what the ISIS boys are doing.  You see, even fictional characters have limits.  America’s Santa Claus is a jolly fellow who is all about making children smile and doling out presents.  Sure, you can claim that Santa Claus told you to rape a bunch of women, strap bombs to children, and blow up buildings.  But as soon as you make such a ludicrous claim, it’s obvious to all Americans that you’re no longer talking about the Santa Claus, because Santa is a character with limits that just can’t be crossed.  The same is true for the Allah character who serious Muslims worship.  Allah isn’t some dope who can’t tell the difference between humans really worshiping him and humans just using him as an excuse to try and pull a Hitler maneuver in the Middle East.  Allah demands true devotion from his followers, and he frowns on those who use him as an excuse to serve themselves.

Speaking of Adolf Hitler, there’s another fellow who grossly misrepresents the people group that he’s associated with.  Hitler and his Nazis don’t come anywhere close to modeling the true values of the German people, and plenty of Germans are quite understandably fed up with the ongoing stereotype that all Germans secretly share Hitler’s demented values.  Meanwhile, over here in the U.S., we’ve got these sad sacks who call themselves the Ku Klux Klan.  They’re really just a bunch of white men running around in dorky looking white sheets who are clinging to the delusion that they are superior to everyone else.  Born in America’s southern regions at a time when people were steeped in a juvenile fixation with skin color, the KKK became infamous for abusing blacks in the Name of Jesus Christ.  They claim to be Protestants, which is one denomination of the Christian Church.  And yet trying to say that Jesus is a fan of bullying people over skin color is as ludicrous as saying Allah is a fan of grown men hiding behind children on a battlefield or that Santa Claus is a chainsaw murderer.

If you slap a mustard label on a bottle that’s full of ketchup, the fact that you’ve mislabeled the contents won’t change what those contents are.  The bottle will always contain ketchup, not mustard, and the only thing your lying label will do is cause problems for anyone who trusts that your label is accurate.  We are Christians, and on our website, we promote true Christianity.  When you read our material, you’re going to find that the label on the jar matches the contents.  True Christianity comes down to humans sincerely submitting to, honoring, and following the only real Gods.  We call those Gods Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Christians often refer to Yahweh as God the Father, they have a whole host of fancy titles for Jesus, and they sometimes call the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost.  But while the titles vary, and while Christians divide themselves up into many denominational sects which like to bicker with each other, we’re all talking about the same three Gods: supreme, non-human Deities who have created all that exists.

Now nothing sounds more heady than to say “We’re the only ones who are teaching you the truth about God.”  A lot of people think that’s what we claim to do, but it’s not.  What we say is that you’re going to be hard-pressed to find Christians who are accurately teaching you the truth about God, because most Christian teachers are pumping out a bunch of rot about God.  Is this a unique situation?  Not hardly.  From the beginning of this creation, truth has always been crowded out by lies, because humans are far more willing to follow leaders who will tell them whatever their egos want to hear.  Humans are present minded creatures, and they are very willing to sacrifice long term gain for immediate gratification.  It’s gratifying to have a preacher wax on and on about how God thinks you’re just the most amazing little creature He ever made.  It’s not so fun to hear a sermon about how God demands that you reverentially submit to Him or He’ll delight in torturing you for all of eternity.  Even though that second truth is quite critical to getting on the right side of God’s patience, it’s not a truth humans want to hear.

Since Christian leaders want more converts to suck money, manpower and glory out of, they intentionally tailor their messages to be pleasing to a general audience.  Since most churches are depending on monetary donations from their attendees, and since churches want to have flush budgets, they refuse to hire preachers and teachers who are going to stand around offending people and bringing up a lot of sensitive subjects.  The point we’re making is that Christian organizations are filled with checks and counterchecks which are all designed to screen out anyone who won’t align with the current political agenda of their denomination.  Once you understand how efficient Christians are at banning people who they don’t like, you can see why there’s nothing pompous about saying that certain truths are rarely taught by Christian leaders.  It’s not that no one is willing to teach those truths, but the system simply won’t allow it.  If you’re going to have other Christians approve of you, you have to be willing to tell God to stuff it in the privacy of your own soul.  There is a limit to how loyal you can be to God and still be “in” with other Christians.  If you cross that line, Christians will shun you, disown you, and possibly even get aggressive towards you: it’s as simple as that.

Now by the time Christians are done mangling the Character of God and promoting a thousand lies about how we are to relate to Him, what they’re calling “Christianity” is no longer true Christianity.  This is the situation in the world today.  When you buy books about Christianity or read material on websites that are plugging established Christian denominations, what you’re getting fed is a mix of truth and lies.

In American grocery stores, we have spice aisles that contain an array of cooking spices.  The most common spices, like salt and pepper, are cheaper in price than less common spices.  Garlic powder is a very common spice in American cooking, and yet when you go to buy garlic powder, you really have to watch the label. If you just grab the first bottle you see that has the word “garlic” written in large letters, you’re likely to end up with garlic salt, not garlic powder.  Garlic salt is garlic powder that has been heavily diluted with salt.  Garlic salt is cheaper, but it’s not true garlic.  Instead, it just has a hint of the spice flavor you’re really after, and you can’t get more of a garlic flavor without having a bunch of salt forced upon you.  This is how it works with mainstream Christianity: the few kernels of truth which are being taught come packaged with so many lies that you end up swallowing a whole bunch of guff just trying to learn something useful.

So if you sincerely care about pleasing your Creators, should you dissociate yourself with Christianity just because the mainstream version of that religion is a total mess?  No, you shouldn’t.  Lying Christian leaders can redefine Christianity just as the ISIS boys redefine Islam to suit their own demented agendas—this doesn’t change what the real definitions of these things are.  True Christianity is the sincere soul pursuit of a positive relationship with the Gods who made you.  This will always be what true Christianity is about, no matter how many people pretend it is about something else.  We call ourselves Christians, because we live to please, serve, and exalt the three real Gods.  We have a legitimate right to call ourselves Christians because pleasing the Creators of all life really is our top priority, not just some phony claim we make to try to impress others. We don’t live to please people, we aren’t out to collect fans, we don’t give a hoot about having some organized religion smile on us, and we aren’t just using God as an excuse to rock out on a stage somewhere with our guitars.  Anyone who is living to please the Gods who made them qualifies as a true Christian, because they are aligning with Christ’s definition of the term.  Christ’s definition trumps all others, and you certainly shouldn’t let a bunch of spiritual brats, shady con artists, and pompous politicians intimidate you from acknowledging what you really are.

There are real Gods and fake gods.  A true Christian is someone who reverentially submits to the real Gods as the Supreme Authorities that They are.  So then, are you a Christian?  It’s a simple question with an obvious answer.  You know how serious you are about pleasing the real Gods.  So do They.  If you’re not a real Christian and you want to end up on the right side of eternity, then you need to become one.  So how do you do that?  You simply ask the real Gods to help you understand who They are and what They want from you.

Because true Christianity is a personal relationship between your soul and your Creators, other humans have nothing to do with you becoming a Christian.  Having some human pray over you isn’t going to change anything between you and your Creators.  Clocking time in a manmade building with a cross on the roof, getting dunked into some water, or blubbering about how much Jesus means to you in front of an audience of people is a total waste of time.  If you want to be a Christian in God’s eyes, then forget about performing in front of other humans and start conversing with your Creators.  Your relationship with God isn’t some bit of bling that you can flaunt in other people’s faces.  Your relationship with God is a private, hidden thing, which only you and He understand the true nature of.  It’s what is actually going on between you and God—not what other people think is going on—that will determine your eternal fate.

So now that we have explained what a true Christian is, let’s turn the focus onto the end times.  The end time prophet is going to claim to be a Christian.  More importantly, the end time prophet will actually be a Christian, meaning that this person will be sincerely committed to pleasing the real Gods.  As refreshing as it should be to realize that the end time prophet is going to be the real deal and not some pathetic poser, in real life, this is going to create a lot of confusion.  You see, the global Christian community will adamantly denounce the end time prophet, insisting that he (or she) does not at all qualify as a Christian.  The global Christian community will then take a very aggressive stance against the prophet.  Christians around the world will be pressured to pray against the prophet in coordinated efforts.  (If you think this sounds silly, it is, but realize that Christians believe that there is great power in praying against their enemies.)

Christian leaders will challenge the prophet to meet with them face to face in the hopes of publicly discrediting the prophet in the eyes of other Christians.  On occasions when the prophet does meet in person with Christian leaders, it will usually end rather badly for the leaders.  The prophet will also be on the scene when entire congregations of Christians die in some pretty gruesome ways.  So what are you to make of this?  When you read in the news that the prophet caused a Christian church to burst into flames right in the middle of the worship service, or when you read that the prophet caused a church building to collapse and crush hundreds of people inside, how should you interpret such events?  Naturally Christian leaders will point to these things as clear evidence that the prophet is a servant of Satan—the much ballyhooed demon whose abilities are greatly exaggerated.  But what should you make of it?  If the prophet is really obeying God, and if God is pro-Christian, then why would God attack His own people?  If you are a Christian who is currently caught up in mainstream Christianity, then you are going to find this to be quite an upsetting dilemma.  When the end time prophet seems to be all for the destruction God is causing—which he will be—it will seem to you that a major contradiction is happening.  While the Church will condemn the death of Christians, the end time prophet will be all for it.  Both parties will then claim to be aligned with the will of God, which means someone has a very delusional idea about what God’s will is.  So who will actually be pleasing God with their response to churches being destroyed and Christian leaders dying in some very creepy ways?  The prophet will.  But understanding why takes some unpacking.

We’ve already explained how God defines a true Christian.  What you need to understand is that the Christian community does not adhere to God’s definition.  To understand how the general Christian community defines a “Christian”, think about how politics work in your country.  In America, our two major political parties are the Republicans and the Democrats.  Both parties have a platform of ideals which they say they promote.  Historically, the Republican platform has been a closer match to God’s moral code.  But as time passes, American culture changes what its values are.  As a whole, American society is rapidly degrading in morals, which is the normal pattern for any large human society.  As American culture sinks deeper into moral depravity, politicians who want to win elections must change to match what the people want.  As politicians adjust their patter to appeal to a changing populace, the party that the politician is running under doesn’t change its party platform.  The end result is that we have a man running for the Republican party whose actions and promises totally oppose what are supposed to be core Republican values.  As this pattern continues, the term “Republican” becomes utterly meaningless.  Despite what a man is calling himself, the reality is that he’s just pandering to a population of folks who are growing increasingly debased in their values and actions.

Now when you go to a Christian church, that church typically has a “mission statement” which is supposed to be a brief summary of what that church’s core values and main priorities are.  If the church is working under the supervision of a mother denomination, that denomination also has a set of core values which all of their churches are supposed to adhere to.  But as nice as everyone’s official club rules sound, in practice those rules are not being adhered to.  Like politicians, Christians have a lot of pretty sounding patter that means absolutely nothing to them.  “Put God first.”  “Love God with all that you are.”  “Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.”  “Be fully devoted to Christ.”  These things make for nice slogans on a Facebook page, but are they really giving you an accurate picture of the poster’s personal values?  Not usually.  Just as it’s rare to find a politician who isn’t just functioning as someone else’s puppet, it’s rare to find a Christian who is doing anything more than parroting other people’s beliefs.

Now when you want to mass manipulate people, the last thing you want them to do is think critically, so you will find creative ways to discourage people from doing so.  This is what Christian leaders are taught to do to the people under them: punish the thinkers.  Oh sure, Pastor John will say that he welcomes questions and that it is oh so important for you to think about your beliefs.  But if you were to really question John in front of witnesses and start punching holes in his belief system, John would find a way to make you sorry for embarrassing him.  To not feel threatened by people disagreeing with you, you must first be confident in your own beliefs, and you can’t get there without doing a whole lot of serious questioning and wrestling with God on a soul level.  Since most Christians don’t do this, their confidence is just a façade which quickly crumbles into angry aggression whenever they come across teaching that unsettles them.  Because our site blasts Christians with concepts that they’ve never been exposed to before, and because we so effectively shred many core beliefs of mainstream Christianity—such as that ludicrous claim that the Christian Bible is infallible or that God has nothing to do with evil—a lot of Christians panic when they bump into our material.  They find themselves getting blasted out of their comfortable bliss of ignorance and forced to start asking questions that they don’t know the answers to.  Our material is designed to make people quickly see how unformed their personal beliefs are, how flawed common Christian teachings are, and how dangerous it is to trust human beings to guide you in spiritual matters.  You aren’t going to last very long on our site unless you have serious personal investment in getting somewhere with God.  Now and then someone writes to us saying how upset they were by our material initially, but instead of instantly running for the hills, they took our advice about asking God for His feedback regarding the things we teach.  And of course when God does talk to these souls, they are shocked by what He says to them and it drastically alters the way they approach God.  You see, God will talk to you if you are willing to really listen to Him.  If you get desperate enough for answers, you will finally cut out the middlemen and go directly to your Creator.  We help you get desperate enough by proving to you what a bunch of lying sacks your trusted leaders are, and how so many of your beliefs about God are straight up wrong.  Yes, it’s an uncomfortable, pride grinding process, but the end result is that you will finally get your own relationship with God launched instead of just copycatting others.  There’s nothing so thrilling as experiencing your own Creator talking to you without any human interpreters involved.  Once you cross that line, it changes everything, and you will realize that we’re not bulling you when we say that you can count on God to lead you through the end times.  You do not need to depend on human beings to tell you what truth is—you have God, and He really is more than enough.

The end time prophet is going to be a mature Christian, meaning that he will be someone who has taken the time to grow in his beliefs and find answers to all of the uncomfortable questions and theological stumpers.  A mature Christian doesn’t depend on humans to tell him how to think: he relies directly on God.  A man who has a solid connection with God is in a position to have some pretty incredible confidence—enough to oppose the whole world if necessary.  The end time prophet will be a very confident individual—he will know what God wants him to do, and he will do it without apology.  He will understand that the end times are God’s show, and that God is the One performing all of the destructive miracles.  Because the end time prophet will be dedicated to God, he will be entirely for whatever God decides to do.  This is why you will see the prophet acting so pleased by God’s destructive miracles—it’s not the destruction the prophet will be into, but God Himself.  As we’ve said before, God will not just do destructive miracles, He will also perform some very positive miracles, and the prophet will be just as enthusiastic about those acts.  Understanding that the prophet is focused on God will help you correctly interpret his rather disturbing social behavior.  Understanding that the global Christian community doesn’t give a flip about God will help you understand why so many Christians are going to publicly oppose the prophet.  While everyone is using the same “Christian” label, people’s personal devotion to God will vary widely.  The prophet will be so entirely into God that he’ll be for anything that God does, regardless of how humans are affected.  But most Christians will care far more about people than they do about God, and that means they will totally oppose anything God does which negatively affects people.  As for the business end of Christianity—all of those churches and denominations which are lusting after money and power—they will feel very threatened by the prophet’s global influence and the negative slur he is casting on their organizations by claiming to be a Christian.

Just as Muslims today don’t appreciate getting a bunch of flack just because some hooded jerks are going around pillaging and assaulting in the name of Islam, Christians are going to be afraid of getting flack just because the end time prophet is claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  And to be fair to Christians, history contains many accounts of people using Christianity as an excuse to trash others.  How can you really know that the end time prophet isn’t just going to be one more of those clowns?  There will be many clear indicators.  For starters, the kinds of feats the prophet will be doing are not going to be possible for any human to pull off. Secondly, those who use religion as an excuse to trash others are always in it for personal gain—be it power, glory, money, territory, or some other earthly perk.  This will not the be the case with the end time prophet.  As we explained in a previous post, this person won’t accept followers, he won’t be trying to convert people to any kind of religious ideal, and he won’t be trying to establish any kind of kingdom for himself.  You see, being a Christian yourself does not mean you are going around trying to make everyone else think the way you do.  As we said before, your relationship with God is a personal, private thing which other people really have nothing to do with.  Just as a married man can enjoy his marriage without having to go around pressuring other single men to get married, a true Christian can enjoy his relationship with God without feeling any need to go around pressuring others to think like he does.

The end time prophet and the global Christian community which we call the Church will clash quite violently during the end times.  The end time prophet will be held responsible for the deaths of many Christian leaders, even when those leaders die in ways that are quite supernatural.  United by a common enemy, Christian denominations will come together like never before and attempt to cripple the prophet through the power of prayer, the power of fasting, and the power of a God who they believe is willing to take orders from them as long as they butter Him up properly.  If you are currently immersed in a Christian community, you need to understand that the pressure to side with the Church’s anti-prophet agenda will be very intense, and that means you’re going to see a lot of people who you used to respect cave in.  People who know better and people who are being convicted by God to take a stand are going to totally sell out in order to stay within the good graces of the Church.  If you are one of those rare Christians who actually sides with God in the middle of this mess, you should expect to make a lot of enemies among other Christians, because you will.  The Church will demand that you choose between her or God’s man, which will be the same as saying you must choose between her and God Himself.  The sooner you start seriously contemplating this moral crisis, the easier you will find it to do the right thing when the Church presents you with her ultimatum.

Jesus once told His followers to “count the cost” of following Him, and during the end times, it is going to really cost to stay loyal to Christ.  Ironically, Christians are going to be the ones persecuting their fellow Christians for refusing to publicly side against the prophet.  But the good news is that this kind of pressure will cause serious Christians to become more obvious, and we will see house churches flourishing as serious Christians form their own support networks.  While Christians are dividing into two camps, the prophet who is fueling such division will be giving us all a great example of what it means to be fully devoted to God.  The prophet will be someone who has actually counted the cost of following Christ and decided that he is more than willing to pay it.  The question then becomes: what about you?