God or Country: Choosing Your End Time Priorities

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Suppose you are hiding out in a two story house that is surrounded by large, hostile beasts.  The beasts keep charging at the walls of the house: ramming, clawing, and biting in an effort to tear their way inside.  If they succeed, you are going to find yourself in a major crisis.  Sure, you have some ammunition with you, but it won’t be enough if those beasts manage to break in and take over the house.  Your best hope of survival is to try and kill them off now, before they can get inside.  As long as the walls of your house remain intact, you can try to pick the beasts off one by one as you lean out of an upstairs window.

Now suppose that the people who matter most to you in this world are all inside of that house with you, counting on you to keep them safe.  How motivated are you going to be to keep those snarling beasts away from your loved ones?  Are you going to have any sympathy for the beasts as you fire bullets into their bodies?  Not hardly.  In this scenario, you will be more than happy to cause the beasts to suffer in any way that you can.  All you care about is slowing the creatures down and keeping them away from yourself and your people.

Now suppose that in the midst of this crisis, you suddenly feel strongly convicted by God to put down your weapons and stop attacking the beasts who are trying to get inside of your house.  This conviction comes over you just as the creatures succeed at causing a serious crack to form in one of the walls.  If you don’t rush downstairs and board up that opening, it’s only a matter of minutes before the creatures will work it large enough to slip their bodies through.  Then what?  You’ll have a bloody massacre on your hands.  So what will you do?  Are you really just going to stand there doing nothing while your loved ones are ripped apart in front of you?  So what if it really is the Creator of all Life who is commanding you to put down your weapons and do nothing to stop the beasts?  Why should you care what God is telling you to do?  Can the consequences for blowing God off really be any worse than watching your loved ones torn apart?  Yes, they really can.

America will be the first country in the world to feel the destructive impact of the end times.  This period will begin with God striking a major American city with a gross and graphic problem which will last three days.  Think about how your government would respond if one of your country’s key cities was suddenly brought to its knees by some freak miracle that no one could explain.  How long would it take for the authorities in your country to declare a national emergency?  What happens to people’s sense of patriotism when their homeland comes under attack?  Patriotic feelings skyrocket in times of war as citizens band together to help defend each other from a common enemy.

After giving Americans three days to brace themselves, God will begin unleashing a series of miracles which will cause unprecedented damage to their homeland.  Needing an enemy they can see, Americans will fixate on the end time prophet as the cause of their problems.  The American government will then put immense pressure on its citizens to neutralize the prophet.  Who will bear the brunt of this pressure?  Military and law enforcement personnel—those who are expected to rush to the front lines whenever national security is being threatened.

Now despite her best efforts, America will fail to get her problems under control. Instead, her problems will grow worse while the whole world watches with increasing anxiety.  Then the day that everyone is dreading will suddenly arrive: the day that the end time prophet is reported as being seen outside of America.  Europe, Asia, Africa—no continent or country will be left unaffected by the end times.  It is only a matter of time until your country gets hit with the same scale of disasters that America has been struggling to deal with.  How do you think your government will respond when the end time prophet suddenly shows up in your country?  Wouldn’t it seem that the wisest course of action would be to instantly come out against this person in full force?  America moved too slow, and she paid the price: this will be how many countries interpret America’s response to a threat within her borders.  When the leaders of your country suddenly find themselves being faced with a serious national security crisis, they might decide that they don’t want to make the same mistakes that they think American leaders made.  What will happen to you if your government orders an all-out military assault on the end time prophet?  Are you currently working in a field that will put you on the front lines in such a situation?

Here’s the problem with you joining with efforts to assault God’s end time prophet: this person will be acting under God’s Authority, and God is going to be warning you not to do anything against His representative.  In such moments, the end time prophet will seem like those beasts that were breaking into your house in our opening metaphor.  The house will be like your country, and that house will contain people who you will feel a desperate need to protect.  So what will you do?  Are you going to obey God and do nothing while the end time prophet wreaks havoc on your homeland?  Or are you going to blow God off and do whatever you can to help take out His prophet?

The purpose of our opening metaphor was to help you understand how emotionally intense the crisis will feel when you find yourself having to choose between protecting your country and honoring God.  The purpose of this post is to inform you ahead of time of the crisis that you are going to find yourself in so that you can give serious thought as to what course of action you are going to take.

The longer the end time prophet is in action, the more terrifying, ruthless, and inhuman this person will seem to you.  The way this person will behave in public will make it feel very easy to justify trashing him (or her).  Just as you didn’t feel bad about inflicting suffering on the beasts who were trying to claw their way into your home, the people in your country aren’t going to have any problems with injuring the end time prophet.  It’s more like people will be celebrating whenever the prophet appears to be suffering, and as a human, you won’t find this hard to understand.  All humans are attracted to the idea of revenge.  When people hurt us, we want to hurt them back—this is human nature, and the end time prophet will be credited with causing more suffering and heartache than any human in history.  Given what a threat this person will be to your country and loved ones, why on earth would you choose to side with this person in any way?  Because that is what God will be commanding you to do?  Is that really a good enough reason?

Suppose you do not believe that the liquid in a cup is hot when you go to drink it.  Will your personal beliefs prevent your mouth from getting scalded when you take a big gulp of the boiling hot liquid?  Not hardly.  The reality is that the liquid is extremely hot, and that reality is what you will be impacted by.  While your beliefs greatly influenced the way you chose to interact with the liquid, they did nothing to shield you from the consequences of your choices.  If you had believed the liquid was very hot, you would have changed your actions.  You would have blown on the liquid quite a bit before taking a small sip.  You would not have taken a big gulp, and that means you would not have been burned.  Can you see what a difference it can make to have your personal beliefs match with reality?

Here’s a reality about the God who will be telling you not to attack the end time prophet: this same God has total control over your quality of life.  This is the same Being who will be transferring your soul to either Heaven or Hell when you die.  Now maybe you currently believe that God is an unimportant, powerless Being who simply doesn’t matter to you.  Are your beliefs going to change reality?  Not at all.  Just as believing hot liquid wasn’t hot didn’t protect you from being burned, believing that God is irrelevant will not protect you from suffering horribly if you should end up on the wrong side of His patience.

If you’re going to make wise decisions during the end times, you need to get your personal beliefs lined up with reality.  Despite how much you might end up personally hating or fearing the end time prophet, you would be an absolute idiot to use your personal feelings as an excuse to spit in God’s face.  You see, the end time prophet really isn’t the one you need to fear: God is.  It is only God who you should be concerned about provoking, because God is the One with the power.  If God decides to attack your country, you are not going to be able to stop Him.  Compared to God, you have as much power as carpet lint, so it would be more than a little idiotic for you to charge out against God with some silly manmade weapon.  God is bullet proof. You’re not.  God doesn’t need things like oxygen and water to live.  You do.  God doesn’t have a limited tolerance for pain. You do.  The sooner you grasp that God is the One who will be causing the destruction in the end times, the sooner you can make the most of opportunities God gives you to honor Him with your obedience.

Let’s return to the issue of Heaven and Hell: what determines where God will decide to transfer your personal soul?  Where God places you after He kills you will be a response to how you treated Him in this world.  Forget about doing good deeds, attending church, tithing, proselyting and propping up the poor—organized religions make a big deal about these kinds of external actions, but these are not the things that help you with God.   Pleasing God is entirely a matter of soul choices.

To understand the difference between pleasing God and pleasing people, imagine that you’re invited to have dinner at the house of someone who you really dislike.  You only go because you know that other people who are going will think you’re a jerk if you don’t show up, and you really care about what those other people think.  Now there you are, eating some rather bad tasting food at this annoying person’s house.  When your host asks how you like the food, you smile and say, “It’s very good.”  This is an absolute lie, of course, but it’s considered good manners to tell certain lies, and since you want the other people at the dinner to think well of you, you are intentionally acting in a way that is very different than how you really feel.  Is your deceptive behavior effective?  Very much.  The other people at the party are judging you by your behavior.  Since you’re acting nice and polite, they like you.  But now suppose that your host is really God in a human disguise.  Unlike the other people at the dinner, God can see how you really feel and He can hear all of your private thoughts.  Throughout the meal, God hears you secretly making fun of Him in your mind and thinking a bunch of hateful things about Him.  So what does God think of you?  Does He think you’re as nice as everyone else does?  Not at all.  God thinks you’re a hateful little twerp.  God isn’t impressed with your good manners—instead, He’s disgusted by the way you are lying to His face while you assume He’s too dumb to see through your act.

In our dinner metaphor, what caused God and humans to form such different opinions about you?  Well, while humans were judging you by your behavior, God was judging you by your internal attitude towards Him.  When you join some organized religion in the world today, you’re joining a group of humans who are incapable of seeing your true feelings. Humans can only judge you by the way you act, and this is why they will make up a bunch of rules for how you ought to behave in order to be approved of by their religious club.  Suppose you play the religious game well and you get a bunch of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or New Agers to think well of you?  What have you really gained?  Nothing, because humans aren’t the ones who are going to decide whether to put your soul in Heaven or Hell when you die.  God is the only One who will be deciding the fate of your soul, and God isn’t impressed by your external actions or your popularity among humans.  What God judges you by is your soul’s response to Him.  Inside the privacy of your soul—underneath that layer of good or bad behavior that you maintain for other humans—what are your true feelings about God?  Do you secretly respect Him as the Supreme Authority over all created beings?  Do you secretly care about His opinion and long to please Him?  Or do you secretly hate God and work at trying to ignore Him?

Whenever God convicts you about something, you give two responses: a private internal response and an external one.  It’s the external response that humans are watching for, but it’s the internal response that affects how pleased or displeased God is with you.  Souls who sincerely care about pleasing God behave in a wide variety of ways.  Some act like heroes on the outside, others act like cowards.  Some are nice, others are rude.  Because humans focus on the external behavior, humans shun a lot of people from their religious clubs because they don’t like how those people are behaving.  But what does it matter if a Christian leader says you’re excommunicated or cursed by God or in league with the devil?  A human’s assessment of your spiritual status with God isn’t worth bumpkus. It’s only God’s opinion that matters, and God’s opinion of you will often contradict what other humans think about you.

In every religion, we can find people who are claiming to be in a fabulous position with the real Gods, while the reality is that they’re in a terrible place with those Beings.  At the same time, we can find people who believe that they are in a terrible place with their Creators when the opposite is true.  Your beliefs do not control reality, but they can blind you to what reality is.  If you decide to put your faith in a set of lies, you’ll end up suffering some terrible consequences for denying what is true.  If you decide to put your faith in the truth, then you will be positioned to make much wiser decisions—decisions that will result in you experiencing some wonderful consequences for your choices.  So how do you find out what the truth is?  Do you just park your brains and decide that whatever we post on the internet must be true?  Of course not, because we’re aren’t Gods, we’re just humans.  Only the real Gods can help you get your beliefs in line with reality, so They are the Ones you need to talk to.  But what if you don’t know who the real Gods are—how can you talk to Them?  Well, what would you do if you were standing in a crowded bar trying to locate the driver of a certain red car that is parked out on the street?  You don’t know the driver’s name, you just know what his car looks like.  Perhaps you’d speak out in a loud voice and explain that you were trying to locate the driver of the red car.  You might describe the car a little bit, and that would be all it would take for the driver of the car to realize you were looking for him.  Simple, right?  Well, it’s even easier to connect with the real Gods.  They don’t drive a car, but They are ruling over everything that exists, and that is all you need to know to locate Them.  Forget about names and focus on the issue of power.  You want to talk to the Beings who are at the very top of the power structure.  “I’m asking the Supreme Gods to please show me the truth about who They are and how I can please Them”—a prayer as simple as this is all you need to get the job done.  But what if you don’t know how to pray?  Praying is like talking to someone who can hear your thoughts.  You can talk out loud, but you don’t have to.  Instead, you can just think what you want to say and the real Gods will get the message.

No matter what religion you’re currently associating with, it would be wise of you to verify that you have an accurate understanding of who the real Gods are.  The only way to do that is to ask Them to show you.  If the God that you already believe in answers you, then fine.  But if some other Being who you’ve never heard of answers you and tells you that you’re mistaken about who the Supreme Gods are, then you may need to revise your current beliefs so that they’ll be a closer match to reality.  But wait—can the real Gods be counted on to communicate with a speck like you?  If They can’t, then you don’t have any hope.  Your relationship with your Creators is a two-way street—it’s not just you going through a bunch of religious rituals.  All of the religious hoopla in the world won’t get you anywhere with the real Gods—you need Them to personally educate your soul and help you understand who They are before you can progress with Them.  Happily, the real Gods can be counted on to help you succeed with Them if you sincerely seek Their help.  But if you’re going to be content to coast along in some manmade religion and spend your life trying to please a group of humans, then the real Gods will be flicking your soul onto the nasty side of eternity when you die.  These Gods can’t be avoided: this is a reality which you can either respond to wisely or foolishly.

So now that you understand how you can reach out to the right Gods, and why it is so important to get your beliefs lined up with reality, let’s narrow the focus to those of you who are going to be called to the front lines when matters of national security arise.  America is a large country with a complex system of organizations which all do their part to maintain law and order in the homeland.  Suppose you’re a member of local law enforcement when it’s reported that the end time prophet is running amuck somewhere in your city.  When you’re ordered to armor up and join an assault team that is planning to gun the prophet down, what are you going to do?  Are you really going to refuse to obey orders when all of your comrades are charging out to do their patriotic duty?  Or are you going to tell God to catch you later while you hurry to get into your assigned position on the firing line?  What’s really at stake?  Well, here’s a real life example of how a similar situation will work out for a group of American police officers who obey an order to line up along a city street and gun down the prophet as soon as he comes into range.  The officers are all in position with guns at the ready when the prophet comes strolling into view.  The prophet sees the lineup, but that doesn’t stop him from proceeding down the street right in front of the line of officers.  Everyone starts to fire, but as they do, bullets fly out of their guns backwards instead of forwards.  Instead of hitting the prophet, bullets drill into the chests of the officers who are holding the guns and the men fall backwards onto the sidewalk, dying from their wounds.  There is only one man in the lineup who does not pull the trigger of his gun along with everyone else.  That man is feeling strongly convicted by God not to fire on the prophet.  The man didn’t have the courage to refuse to join the firing squad. Instead, he was hoping to blend in with the group and have it go unnoticed that he was not discharging his weapon.  So does it go unnoticed?  Not hardly.  When that officer is the only one not lying on the sidewalk with a bullet in his chest, questions are asked.  Meanwhile, the other officers are paying for their decision to attack God’s representative.

Let’s use another real life example to demonstrate how God will respond to people’s soul choices.  This time a group of officers are relaxed inside of their headquarters, sitting through a routine morning briefing by their shift supervisor.  Suddenly the end time prophet enters the room unannounced and uninvited. The prophet informs the group of officers that the entire city is going to be destroyed at a specific time the following day, and that they should warn people and start evacuation procedures.  The prophet leaves as mysteriously as he came, and the officers are very uneasy.  But the shift supervisor is angry and proud and not about to be seen cooperating with the nation’s enemy.  The supervisor commands his men not to say anything about what happened and not to evacuate.  No one is to act on the warning that the prophet gave, or that person will be fired.  Out of the group of officers, only one man decides to go against his supervisor’s orders.  That one man secretly calls his family and tells them to evacuate the city, which they do.  The man himself also leaves within the timeframe given by the prophet.  The next day, the whole city is miraculously destroyed just as the prophet warned.  Everyone in it dies, including all of the officers who disregarded the prophet’s warnings.  Only the officer who took the prophet’s warnings seriously survived, along with his loved ones.

The situations we just described will actually occur, and they demonstrate ways that God can publicize His reactions to people’s internal attitudes towards Him. Then there will be the myriad of private responses which will never make news headlines, but they will permanently change lives.  An example here will be a pair of American government agents who arrest the end time prophet and want to keep him detained.  The prophet warns that if he is not released, God will strike down certain family members of the two men.  Even though the prophet gives specific details of what will happen to members of each man’s family, the men scoff and keep the prophet detained.  They are soon distressed to find out that events unfold exactly as the prophet warned because they didn’t obey God’s instructions.  If the love of your life dies some ugly death because you were refusing to obey God’s convictions, what is going to ease your heartache?  As everyone else moves on with their lives, you’ll be feeling overwhelmed by sorrow, all because you couldn’t be troubled with respecting the Authority of God.

God controls your quality of life. This is a reality that many people will get in touch with too late during the end times.  Let’s take a real American reporter who will decide to mock God on the internet just after God reverses one of His destructive miracles that has brought one American city to a standstill.  Just after publishing a sarcastic article that scoffs at the limits of God’s power, the reporter suddenly finds himself missing his right hand and left foot.  One moment he has all of his anatomical parts, the next moment, he has two stumps. There is no blood or gore—his stumps are perfectly healed, as if he’d fully recovered from having his hand and foot surgically amputated.  But the man never had surgery—instead, he was nailed by God with a life altering form of discipline.  Now there he is: unable to use crutches or a wheelchair and not in possession of any medical equipment.  He lives in a small apartment in a city which God is about to tear apart, and that isn’t going to help our man get anywhere fast with trying to secure medical help or prosthetic limbs.  This will just be one reporter in an ocean of many.  No one is going to particularly care about his predicament—no one but the man, of course.  He will be devastated by what has happened to him and unable to keep doing his job, all because he made foolish soul choices.  If he tries to get anyone to believe his wild story of what happened to him, he’ll only end up glorifying the same God who he was mocking as weak—talk about ironic.  God always wins, and God has endless ways to make your life a misery if you are going to be stupid enough to give Him a bunch of snark during the end times.

When emotions are running high, it’s easy to forget what your priorities should be.  During the end times, God is going to be pinning you into some tough situations for the purpose of making you decide how deep your submission to Him is going to go.  Some of you are in lines of work that will cause you to keep getting shoved to the front of the battle lines when God comes after your country.  For you, the difficult decisions will come sooner and far more often than they will for those who are out of the direct line of fire.  If you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of the present calm to do some serious soul searching about where you want to stand with the Gods who created you.

Because honoring God has never been the popular choice among humans, making wise soul choices during the end times is guaranteed to get you a lot of flack. When your country is in a crisis and people are fighting over food and medical supplies, it’s very hard to just walk away from a job that guarantees you access to critical supplies and information.  When you’re being threatened with imprisonment, torture or death if you don’t demonstrate enough enthusiasm about assaulting God’s prophet, you are going to find yourself seriously questioning how much it’s worth to you to stay on the pleasant side of God’s complex Personality.  After all, until you’re actually a passenger on a plane that crashes, it’s easy to tell yourself that kind of thing would never happen to you.  And until you actually find yourself in Hell, it’s easy to tell yourself that the wrath of God isn’t real, but just a scare tactic that some religions use to keep their people in line.  A wise man sees a pit on the road in front of him and alters his course to avoid it. A foolish man says the pit is just an illusion and he falls down into it.  God isn’t going anywhere, and the day that He transfers your soul out of this world is barreling towards you.  You can either adjust course now to positively affect what God will decide to do to you, or you can pretend that the wrath of God is just an illusion and end up having your soul hurled down into it.

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